20th Reunion: Class of 2002 Command Secondary School set to give back to alma mater


As part of the lined up activities for the 20th reunion anniversary by the class of 2002 of Command Day Secondary School, Odogbo Barracks, Ibadan, the alumni of the school donated not less than 200 tables and chairs to the school.



According to the Chairman of the planning committee, Mr. Siji Adekunle while giving his remarks recently during a courtesy visit held at the conference room of the school, revealed that the willingness to give out was borne out of the foundation which the school had laid for them.



” All members of staff took deliberate steps to ensure that we were properly tutored, trained and prepared to take over the world”

” No doubt, we were drilled, stretched, pruned, disciplined amidst challenges, yet we kept our dreams alive. 20 years after, we are here stronger and wiser. Affirmatively, we are bold to say that the discipline of the years stayed with us”


Mr. Siji disclosed further that the main focus of the alumni was not just giving back to the alma mater but to assist the next generation to have access to quality education in a more conducive environment.


Earlier in their separate remarks, the Commandant of the Institution, Lt. Col. U.A. Hamza appreciated the kind gestures of the alumni adding that they should continue with their good works. He added further that the sky is just the limit as he prayed that the association would continue to make positive impact in the society at large and also wax stronger by the day.


Similarly, the Vice Principal (Academics) of the School, Dr. Kalu Ndukwe reiterated that apart from setting the pace for the younger ones coming behind, he also emphasized on the need for alumni to continue to inspire them.

” You never can tell , you can be of assistance to one another. Building a kind of brotherhood relationship in a way that will strengthen the relationship between the alumni and the students coming behind”



Meanwhile the 2002 alumni set held a dinner at an event centre in Ibadan for the purpose of reuniting with old friends

The President of the association, Mr. Siji Adekunle in his words stated that ” we are gathered here today to reunite with ourselves, invited guests, spouses and our amiable teachers in the atmosphere of peace and tranquility”


He stressed further that the achievements of the alumni association so far is an indication that the seeds of greatness planted over two decades ago are already flourishing.

Mr Siji also appreciated the old teachers present at the dinner for spurring interests in the subjects taught while also acknowledging their words of encouragements.

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