Adunola: The Agent of Growth” By Toheeb Babalola



Overseeing administrative affairs is a backbreaking task, which is not always given to a shortsighted person due to the fact that same revolves around growth and development. With this, the success and progress of an administration/regime rests on the shoulder of an administrator.

In a democratic setting, every regime either through appointment or election has a fixed term which depends on the provisions of the constitution of a particular institution/nation. But it only requires great performance and achievement in an administration to make its figurehead extends his stay in office.

On Monday, the department of Mass Communication was polluted with joy, as the management of The polytechnic, Ibadan reappointed Mr. Najeemdeen Adunola as the Head of Department for the third time in a row. Both students and the alumni of the department cannot afford to sweep their happiness under the rug when the good news broke. This is so evident that Adunola has been doing an iconic job towards the progress of the institution since his first appointment.

For management of the institution to drop her torchlight and handed Adunola another term in office, shows that his past tenures must have been carefully scrutinised. However, Adunola’s appointment could be traced to good working relationship and teamwork between him and other lecturers at the department.

In his past regimes, Adunola has worked tirelessly by making sure that the entire students of the department in all categories and levels are exposed to newest technology in media during their practicals, and also ensured that the students receive academic morality on campus. Under his administration, the then HND1 students televised live from the four walls of their classroom with new technology supplied by Oyo State Government and Tertiary Trust Fund (TETFUND), while some students produced a Magazine.

Apart from being a lecturer, Adunola is a philanthropist. He gives out 10% of his subvention to less privileged people and non-governmental organisations for the betterment of the society. It could be recalled that Adunola paid salaries of Special Teachers in Ibadan for three months consecutively, which made National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) bestowed him an award.

Albert Einstein once said, “Strive not just to be a success, but rather to be of value”. This assertion depicts exact personality of the incumbent Head of the Department of Mass Communication. The magnanimity of Adunola extends to the fact that he attaches his students to the media organisations that are searching for talents, which permit the students to spread their wings in the media world before graduation.

The reappointment of Adunola as the figurehead of the largest department on the soil of The polytechnic, Ibadan is the effect of his contribution in the production of talents for the benefit of the society, with the help of lecturers and technicians of the department.

For me to pen down this article for Mr. Najeemdeen Adunola, is also a result of knowledge being imparted on us by the department. We are grateful for everything he has done for us, both morally and academically.

Despite discrimination against the management of the department, Adunola led administrations swimmed through.

On behalf of the Majekobaje of the department, Amb. Temola Oluwakayode Michael and the entire students, I congratulate you on your re-appointment, Sir, More success ahead.

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