Agreement With Oyo APC Chair, Omodewu To Become Party’s Deputy Guber Candidate Breached – Olubadan


..Says PDP Clan In Oyo APC Can’t Take Everything Even If Omodewu Is Not Relevant Again


It’s very important for us to review the issues surrounding the position of Deputy Governor of our gubernatorial candidate…

So let me start with Hon Isaac omodewu, there’s a rumor going round that Omodewu and our party gubernatorial candidate aren’t on good terms and the reason is connected with the question of who the Deputy Governor would be .

Before 2021 APC Oyo congresses , it’s a known fact that Isaac Omodewu didn’t have intentions of becoming party chairman . He wasn’t even in TKF camp but he was lured to their camp from ALF with the agreement that he will be chairman of the party and after the whole game he will resign from his Chairmanship to deputize TKF,just like Alake and baba koleosho.

He agreed to be chairman and single-handedly fought both Progressive establishment, ALF and Unity forum in Oke-Ogun and here we are today, Omodewu is the chairman but unlike Alake and Baba Koleosho, he won’t be on a ballot with TKF.

The agreement has been tampered with, sincerity of the agreement is under the table maybe because of the current reality.

However, if Omodewu won’t be deputy governor, why can’t he be allowed to have input in who will become the deputy? Why is the Oke ogun progressive establishment led by Baba Adekola, Alake and Baba Iyiola not allowed to make decisions on who they want and why is it that Only PDP clan in Oke-ogun in conjunction with leaders from outside the zone are the ones making decisions for Oke-ogun?

Sincerely,that makes no political sense.
Oyo APC can’t look away from the core progressive leaders, the Unity Forum and ALF leaders, looking away mean no victory in 2023!!!

Another ugly scenario is that the likely candidate for Deputy Governor isn’t even a member of APC, how could Oyo APC be thinking of allowing someone who isn’t even a member of our party to be on the ballot with TKF ..

Oyo APC cabal is making grave mistake for abandoning the party Chairman that soaked his hand in dirty shits and make it worse by undermining the core progressive leaders, some of them like Iyiola Oladokun and Baba Adekola did ignored all the side talks to support every impunity that brought in current State excos because of peace and all they get is picking one man from unknown political party to become our party’s Deputy gubernatorial candidate. Haba now , “nibo ni won nti Se iru e? …

Oyo APC already picked Hon Tajudeen Were from Saki, why is Oyo APC neglecting other LGs from that zone? …

Meanwhile zoning Deputy Governor to Saki because of Christian voters makes no sense, If you’re looking for Christian votes, Ogbomoso and Ibadan should be our target and that can only be achieved through one woman, we lost her already sha but you can’t be looking for Christian support and pick your Deputy from Saki..

Mr David Okunlola, our DG to be was a Gubernatorial candidate in 2019 election under AGA party , he didn’t even get 2000 votes 😀, I doubt if his wife or anyone from his work place voted for him. The 2000 votes probably came from careless voters .

If Oyo APC is serious with 2023, the Deputy Governor must be solemnly determined by core Progressives, Oke-Ogun leaders, Baba Adekola, Alake, Iyiola and Baba Rauf Olaniyan by virtue of his position should be the one raising the hand of the next Deputy Governor.

Even if Omodewu isn’t relevant again,Every step must be taken to right the wrong of the past especially when there’s little time. Ignoring every sign of failure isn’t tenable again.

We begin the foundation of this project with open arrogance and we can’t afford to finish it with another open deception;Politics of use and dump and impunity.
In short PDP clan in APC can’t take everything shikena…

Here are the suggested names from Oke-Ogun zone 2 leaders to APC with their short profile 👇

1. Hon. Ajekigbe Bada one time House of Assembly honourable for Saki West State constituency and a Minority Leader of the House during Akala’s regime.

2. Tejubiyi Ishola, a Saki indigene. He was a retired Director from the Department of Finance in NECO and a Commissioner of Establishment during Ajimobi’s second term.

3. Hon. Dapo Popoola, a Saki indigene. A politician and a business man.

4. Niyi Adekola, indigene of Ofiki in Atisbo LGA. A son of a prominent leader of our party who is an Insurance guru and currently a Human Resources specialist in the United States. He is also the APC Oyo North American Chapter Scribe.

All of these people mentioned above are core members of our party and not one David Okunlola who is a member of AGA and who does not have any political value to add as one could see in the result of his last attempt to be the Governor of the State.

Meanwhile the DG cannot come from zone 1 of Oke Ogun because they already had the Party Chairman. Zone 1 comprises of Iseyin LGA, Kajola LGA, Iwajowa LGA and Itesiwaju LGA.


Abiola Oyeyemi Olubadan is an APC member and social media influencer.

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