Political Harmony Blossoms as Oyo APC Leader, Oloye Fijabi Gives Resounding Welcome to PDP’s Uniter-in-Chief, Otunba Seye Famojuro


In a display of political camaraderie that transcends party lines, Oloye Akinade Fijabi, a prominent Chief in Ibadanland and a stalwart of the All Progressives Congress (APC), warmly received the erudite Otunba Seye Famojuro, a well-known figure in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and a trusted ally of Governor Seyi Makinde.

The homecoming of Otunba Famojuro, whose humility and traditional values have earned him great respect in Oyo State, was nothing short of an extravagant display of admiration and reverence.

Amid the joyous festivities of Eid-el-Kabir, Oloye Akinade Fijabi regaled his distinguished guest with praise and laudatory accolades, recognising the Balogun Bobajiro of Orile Igbon,  Otunba Famojuro’s role as a unifying force in the state.

As the aroma of celebratory dishes filled the air, Oloye Fijabi was joined by his son, the accomplished Hon. Saheed Fijabi, as well as key figures in Oyo State politics, including Commissioner for Works and Transport Prof. Sangodoyin and Chief Babatunde Tijani (Double T).

The warm reception given to Otunba Famojuro was a testament not only to his personal qualities, but also to the rising spirit of political collaboration and civility across party lines in the state.

In a heartwarming exchange between the two political leaders, Oloye Fijabi noted that: “The beauty of democracy is in the diversity of opinions and the ability of leaders to transcend differences and work together for the common good. Otunba Famojuro exemplifies this virtue.”

The two leaders went on to discuss the importance of collaboration and cohesion in addressing the myriad challenges facing Oyo State.

Otunba Famojuro emphasised the need for collaboration between all stakeholders in tackling pressing issues such as security, infrastructure, and economic development.

The convivial gathering between Oloye Akinade Fijabi and Otunba Famojuro serves as a testament to the political style of Governor Seyi Makinde and his close ally, Otunba Famojuro.

The duo’s approach to politics is marked by a commitment to building relationships and fostering understanding, transcending party lines and focusing on the common good.

Their dedication to reaching across the aisle and forging alliances, even with political opponents, is a refreshing departure from the divisive and adversarial politics that often characterizes Nigerian politics.

The meeting between Oloye Fijabi and Otunba Famojuro was marked by genuine warmth and respect, despite their political differences.

This spirit of unity and collaboration was further reinforced by the presence of Commissioner Sangodoyin and Chief Tijani, who both expressed their appreciation for the shared commitment to the betterment of Oyo State.

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