Governor Seyi Makinde The Real Koseleri By Moronkola Thomas (See The Statistics)



When the late Governor Abiola Ajimobi won the election for his second term in office in 2015, we described him as His Excellency Koseleri HEK. This was because he was the first Governor of Oyo State to win a reelection since the emergence of democratic governance. That election was bitterly fought as Governor Ajimobi narrowly won with about 32% of the total votes beating his closest challenger with a difference of about 70,000 votes. Ajimobi had previously defeated the late Governor Adebayo Alao Akala then incumbent governor with a margin of about 37,000 votes in 2011. Nevertheless, he made history by being the first governor to serve 2 consecutive terms in office.


We thought we had seen the end of it all until March 18 2023 when Governor Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde broke all known electoral records in Oyo State when he recorded a landslide victory in his election for a 2nd term in office as the Governor of the Pacesetter State of Oyo.


Governor Seyi Makinde’s electoral victory has some distinct features which qualify him as  HIS EXCELLENCY THE REAL KOSELERI, HERK The unique features are as follows:
1. At 55 he’s the youngest Governor to win a 2nd term in Oyo State

2. He’s the first Governor in Oyo State to beat his closest challenger with a margin of over 300,000 votes.

3. He’s the first Governor to win election in 31 local government areas out of 33 representing about 94% of the local governments.

4. He’s the first Governor in Oyo State to score over 60% of the votes in any election either first term or reelection.

5. Governor Seyi Makinde is the first Governor in Oyo State whose reelection victory has demystified the political and electoral values of some political gladiators who had earlier threatened to “flush him out of office”.

6. His reelection victory has totally obliterated the relevance and political importance of godfathers in political contests as some so- called godfathers and gladiators have been sent on retirement.

7. No single person or group can claim to be solely responsible for Governor Seyi Makinde’s victory at the polls. It is the product of concerted efforts of many groups and individuals particularly pensioners, teachers, civil servants and students.

8. The greatest lesson from Governor Seyi Makinde’s reelection is that politicians who want to win elections must constantly engage with the people.

While we congratulate Governor Seyi Makinde, His Excellency the Real Koseleri on his reelection, we wish him a more successful outing in his second term.


Morohunkola Thomas a political strategist and legal practitioner was a 3- term commissioner in Oyo State and a former Executive Adviser on Political Matters to Oyo State Governor.

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