Loyola Old Boys Commission Sport Field, Urge Govt To Invest In Sports To Curb Unemployment


By Philip Osunsami

As part of the effort to assist the government in its agenda to revamp the dying educational sector and also as a way to give back to the society through their alma Mata, Loyola College Old Boys Association LOCOBA has commissioned and handed over to the school the newly renovated sports field.




The sport field which was commissioned in the school premises on Friday 29th April has a football pitch with natural grass and an Olympic size sprinting track.

While handing over the sport field to the principal of the school, the old boys association made it known that it is a way of giving back to the school and also to add to the effort of the government in making sure that public schools are revamped and returned back to their glory days.




In his speech, the national president, Loyola College Old Boys Association, Professor Ogunbiyi noted that it is a fantastic effort from the 1981 set on behalf of the old boys association and that it is just the beginning of the things the school should expect from the association.

He thus encourage the government to build on the foundation that they have laid by turning the sport field into a type that can host competitions locally and nationally.





While answering questions from newsmen, the chairman of the Loyola College Old Boys Association 1981 Set, Mr Luqman Ismail stressed that the aim of the old boys is to help contribute to a school system where it is not just book but where students can combine one or two things with academics and one of such is sports.

He maintained that student should be able to combine academics and recreation since all works without play makes jack a dull boy. He further maintained that when students are involved in sporting activities, it will give them less space to indulge in social vices and negative activities.




He said, “Our student should be able to combine academics with recreation because when they don’t have any where to recreate, if care is not taken that’s when they have time to indulge in negative activities, when they have where they can do a lot of sporting activities they become useful for themselves and the society”.

In his own address too, the chairman anniversary committee, Seye Oyeleye said that the old boys chose to renovate that Sports field because its understands the importance of sports in the development of young ones.




He noted that the reason youth restiveness has become so rampant in Nigeria is because the government has neglected things that could occupy the youths with sports being number one.

He said, “we chose to redevelop the pitch and also include an athletics track because we basically understand the importance of sport in development of our young ones.



“Over the years we can say that the challenges we have with youth restiveness in Nigeria is because we neglected things that used to occupy them and sport is the number one and as old student of Loyola, we remember the role sport played in our lives when we were here and we told ourselves what we can do is to bring back the atmosphere, bring back the facilities that we enjoyed in the 70’s and 80’s. So that was what informed our decision to come up with the renovating of the football pitch which is 100% natural grass, an athletic track and also the long jump track as well”.




He thus advice government at all levels to invest in sport as this would curb a lot of social vices and also boost the economy of the country.

“As I said earlier on, one of the things that government can invest heavily in is sport. Apart from the fact that sport is for entertainment we also have to understand that sport is a business if you look at the entire value chain of sport industry, we have the capacity to employ millions of people, so we are neglecting a major part of the economy when you don’t invest in sport.




” Sport has gone beyond the issue of playing football or running on tracks it is an entire business. it is an entire economy that the government is neglecting when they don’t invest in sport. So my advice to the government is put more money in sport, we will take a much huge of profits and also boost the economy of our nation” he said.



A novelty match was then played between the old boys association and the current student. It ended 1:0 in favour of the current student.

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