New Waste Collectors, ‘Mottainai Accredited Franchisees’ Will Fast Track Clearing Of Waste In Ibadan, Restore Environmental Sustainability



..Directs Waste Creators, generators to Pay to Banks

Waste management consultant, Mr. Adey Adewuyi has said that no residents or commercial waste creators or generators will be permitted to pay to any accredited waste collectors.

He said that all payments henceforth are to pass through bank transfer, point of sale (POS) or direct deposit in the banking hall.

Oyo State government has done the verification of one-hundred and sixty-nine waste collectors after the flagging off an intensive door-to-door waste evacuation operation to address the menace of improper waste disposal in the metropolis.

Adewuyi, in a statement on Monday, disclosed that the waste collectors, now known as ‘Mottainai Accredited Franchisees’ will be empowered to fast track the clearing of waste from the streets of Ibadan and restore environmental sustainability.

He added that the new system in place does not permit residents and commercial waste creators/generators in Oyo State to make cash payments to any accredited waste collector.

According to him, “all payments are made through bank transfer, point of sale (POS) or direct deposit in the banking hall. Also, all former residential pick-up tariffs will be maintained with no increase whatsoever.”

He said the verification exercise was done in collaboration with the Oyo State Waste Management Authority (OYOWMA), for waste collectors that have been operating in Oyo State and some new companies that applied to work in the waste management sector.

“So far, 169 waste collectors, who have shown that they have some level of capacity, have been verified and are now known as Mottainai Accredited Franchisees (MAFs)”, he said.

Adewuyi said, with 21 Compactors, 3 Roro Trucks, 175 Open Trucks, and no (zero) Skip Trucks, the operational capacity of the MAFs is far below what is required to keep the state clean.

He, however, said his firm, Mottainai Recycling Ltd will empower them with operational trucks.

Adewuyi added, “we are confident that with the right tools, the new and existing MAFs will achieve greater efficiency.”

“In the meantime, all former PSPs, now MAFs, have been mandated to clean up Oyo State. Some of them have been assigned to return to their former slots, while others have been assigned new slots.”

The Waste Management consultant reaffirmed that the firm is committed to maintaining a clean environment.

Meanwhile, he hinted that the verification and accreditation of waste collectors in Oyo State is a continuous process.

He, therefore, appealed to companies with the necessary capacity to approach the Oyo State Waste Management Authority, to request verification and accreditation.

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