It was Michael Bloomberg that said “I’ve always respected those who tried to change the world for the better, rather than just complain about it”. This statement resonates with my type of ideology, that’s why I always have special honor to people who have gone out of their usual ways to give hopes to others in need.




Majority of the people in possession of wealth today are using it to feed their egos instead of feeding hungry people and also helping people to help themselves. No wonder Chinua Achebe warned us through the Igbo Adage that “He who has his palm kernel cracked by benevolent spirit should not mock misfortune of others”. It is one thing to have wealth, it is another thing to be thoughtful about people who have nothing. Whenever you see a benevolent wealthy person, they are irreplaceable gems to the society.

In my sojourn on earth, I’ve met many benefactors and philanthropists, but there is one man that catches my utmost attention, he goes by the name, Joseph Tegbe. This is a man that is humble in giving. Unlike other givers, Tegbe is a cheerful man that gives without making noise.






With his Tegbe Foundation, he is supporting various not for profit and community development initiatives across the country. His numerous philanthropist services to humanity earned him Commander of the Order of the Staff Club, an Award of Excellence by the Senior Staff Club, The Polytechnic Ibadan.

Tegbe begins his charity from home. He has always come to the aid of his people whenever they are in need. As a private citizen, his supports for the people of Oyo State during covid 19 pandemic is applaudable. He donated relief items worth millions of Naira to give solace to the people.





I can’t also forget in hurry, how Joseph through Tegbe Foundation provided non-interest loans to over 1,000 traders, artisans, farmers and market women across Oyo State. He has provided support for small businesses, family and people across the state but with the loans, he puts a “sustainable structure around our philanthropic initiatives.” Large numbers of people that benefited from these have become breadwinners in their various families.

Joseph Tegbe is also a friend of the media. I remember very well how he launched Journalist Support Fund, an initiative of the Demola Babalola-led Executive of the Nigerian Union of Journalist, Oyo State Chapter. Tegbe initiated donations into the funds, also advocated for improved welfare for journalists in the state.





Traders of the Agodi Auto Spare Parts market affected by an inferno in Araromi will always be grateful to a man like Tegbe. At their time of tribulations, he came to their aid as he donated huge amount of money to the traders to give succour and ease their losses. He is a man that always wants everyone to smile.





It will be inexhaustible to be discussing numbers of people who have gotten scholarship to study home and abroad, or numbers of youths that have been gainfully employed through Joseph Tegbe. His supports to households and individuals are too numerous to count. From all ramifications, Joseph Tegbe is a benefactor to many!

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