Toyin Balogun Felicitates Christians At Christmas, Showers Encomiums On Gov Makinde At 54

The Visioner of the Balogun Makinde Vanguard(BMV);Hon Mrs Toyin Balogun has extended her hearty compliments to the good people of Oyo State in particular and the nation at large in the spirit of the Christmas and imminent New Year festivities.

In her Yuletide goodwill message, she exhorted all good citizens of Oyo State not to forget the core essence of the festivities namely; spreading good cheer, encouragement of one another, sacrificial giving and gifting,humility,living right with God and man,healing and restoration of fractured relationships and all other positive constructs encapsulated in the life and times of the Chief Celebrant; Jesus Christ.

His entire lifetime was a rich tapestry which exhibited the ideals of sincerity of purpose,an intentional commitment to living right, fairness, justice, equity and most importantly, compassion in his relationship with all and sundry.

The life and times of the Chief Celebrant,Christ Jesus left us with so many positive constructs and lessons that will stand us in good stead to live right and be fulfilled as we proceed into the new year if imbibed.

Hon Toyin Balogun also utilized the opportunity to celebrate our esteemed co -celebrant in such an auspicious season; His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde.She evinced no surprise in the fact that our esteemed Jewel of the South West GSM has been able to bestride the political firmament like a Collosus while bringing succour to his people in the process.

This is because as she stated, the Governor has clearly adopted the Chief Celebrant as his Role Model, no wonder signs and wonders and positive developments across board emanate from his every action.

One of the key learning points to be taken from the life and times of the Chief Celebrant;Jesus Christ is that he never shied away from resisting evil anywhere he observed its manifestation.Taking a cue from this,it appears to be a policy position also taken by the Star Boy of South West PDP; GSM to always strive to do the right thing.

Just as Jesus strove to resisted the mercenary, selfish leaders of His time who brought mercantilism into the house of God, we must take it as a sworn responsibility to work hands in glove with our Leading Leader in Oyo State and the Pathfinder of our party in the South West;His Excellency GSM and the entire leadership of our party across board to rescue Nigerians from under the jackboots of the tyrannical APC led regime presently in place as we teeter presently on the cusp of a definitive and imminent election year.

Our Nation must of a neccesity be restored to its pride of place in the comity of Nations and the resolve to bring this to fruition begins with you and I.

The first step towards actioning this resolve is ensuring that we, our families, loved ones, neighbours and even work colleagues are registered both with the largest political party in West Africa which recognises and embraces all demographics ie the PDP and the INEC.

Your vote is your voice, ensure to do the needful with dispatch so your voice can be heard loud and clear.

Hon Toyin Balogun enjoins all Nigerians at large and citizens of our dear State( Oyo) in particular to celebrate the festivities in sober contemplation of the lessons from the season,with all celebration done in moderation.

Lastly,she declares bon voyage to all who will be traversing our roads both during and after the festivities and is looking forward to seeing you all safe and sound next year as we take our Country and those states presently under the clutches of the party with the Witchcraft Brand back from a similitude of the “Years of the Locust” alluded to in the Holy Bible.

Wishing a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year ahead for all.

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