Toyin Balogun Urges Registered Voters To Participate In Saturday’s Mock Accreditation By INEC


The Director of Women Mobilization of the Governor Seyi Makinde Reelection Campaign for the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in Oyo State; Mrs Toyin Balogun, has appealed to members and supporters of the party in general and the female demographic of the party in particular to troop out enmasse to participate in the mock accreditation exercise being conducted today Saturday 4th of February by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to test run the Bi-Modal Voter Accreditation System (BIVAS) ahead of the forthcoming 2023 general elections.



Please note that said exercise shall hold in 6 LGs; ie 2 LGs from each of the 3 senatorial districts in the state as indicated by INEC in the images below.


Mrs Balogun iterated that even though INEC stated that the mock accreditation exercise was to test the functionality of the BIVAS, its critical for our party and the electorate use this as a valid opportunity to send a clear message to those upstarts in the opposition who have shamelessly signified their intention to return Oyo State to the dark years of bondage where only fractions of salaries were paid to hapless workers,pensioners who had served their fatherland faithfully with the strength of their youth were referred to as deadwood and were dying in droves, where unprecedented numbers of our children,women and youth were out of schooland turned to crime as the only viable alternative until the emergence of our God Sent Governor Seyi Makinde who has rewritten the hitherto ugly narrative.



Coming out enmasse to vote for all the candidates of the PDP today in the locations indicated by INEC against the tyrannical,clueless and incompetent government at the center which has impoverished Nigerians beyond endurance to the point where frustrated Nigerians have snapped,venting their frustrations with an APC led Federal govt and it’s draconian policies which have made life hell for hapless citizens through protests and random acts of violence will demonstrate Oyo State citizens readiness to re-entrench the Good Governance Model instituted by His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde.


Another plus a strong showing for PDP candidates today in the locations selected by INEC will achieve is to shame and demoralize the opposition candidates, particularly from the APC to stop their futile efforts in decieving the electorate to return to the years of captivity under the ambits of an APC led govt.


The Director of Women Mobilization further entreats all selected election Party Agents,Observers,LG GSM Campaign DGs,Women and Youth Coordinators for GSM’s campaign,the LG Campaign Councils,candidates’ campaign councils and critical stakeholders of our party across board, Ward Exco, members of the Governorship Campaign Council, candidates and aspirants of the party, non indigenes groups,all PDP support groups and particularly,all women and youth to take this mock election exercise very seriously.


This will send a definitive message to the upstarts waiting in the wings to destroy the quantifiable improvements GSM has brought to the quality of the lives of our people in the past 44 months that Oyo State says a categoric no to returning to the years of the cankerworm.




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