Vote Of Confidence In Omodewu: Action Despicable, Lies From Pit Of Hell – Akintola


….Jagba Syndicates Trying To Scuttle Party’s Unity


Our attention has been drawn to a news doing the rounds in the media that the Zonal leaders of APC passed a vote of confidence in Omodewu. According to Chief Niyi Akintola SAN “This is a lie from the pit of hell.



There are seven zonal leaders in the state and if a meeting was convened and only one leader showed up, that speaks volumes about the spin that is doing the rounds in the media that a vote of confidence was passed in the state Chairman of the party by the zonal leaders.




This is not only a self serving message, it is a despicable lie told to ambush the effort being made to straighten out party matters through APC headquarters fixed for Thursday. There has been frantic efforts by the “Jagba” syndicates to scuttle the central efforts in the last few days, the peak of which was the Kangaroo meeting boycotted by conscientious zonal leaders who refused to be bought.



Peace loving APC members should discountenance the so called communique which was based on falsehood the like of which Chief Bola Ige of blessed memory likened to five fingers of leprosy. The real meeting will hold in Abuja and the outcome will be published for all to hear and read. All these shenanigans by Omodewu and Co. to sabotage the real meeting should be ignored”




You will recall that Chief Akintola had in a press conference about two weeks ago submitted that unless the central party leadership steps into the Oyo APC crisis, the party might not make any headway in 2023.
The centre has acceded to this call as it tallies with what other voices of reason are saying. So all the falsehood generated by the “DEMO” people
is to draw the carpet off the feet of the real peace effort.

Adeniyi Akintola Movement Media.

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