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Akinyele LG Chair Taoreed Jimoh Reallocates Shops to Idi-Ose Traders

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Akinyele LG Chair Taoreed Jimoh Reallocates Shops to Idi-Ose Traders


The caretaker chairman Akinyele local government Hon. Taoreed Adedigba Jimoh has started the renovation of Idi-ose market.

The chairman who has promised to renovate the market to a modern standard few months ago started the renovation by demolishing some shops to make ways for roads within the market, garages for motor parks, public toilets and other modern amenities within the market.

Some of the shop owners expressed their delight to the development, they said, past government had mentioned renovation of the market but was unable to do it but the present chairman has shown the will to do it and this will bring a lot of development to the market which has a lot of shops in the market and were left vacant due to the clustered nature of the market but with the renovation, there will be competition for shops in the market.

The chairman in his own speech said the renovation will boost the economy of Idi-ose area, the local government and shop owners will be making more sales than before. He concluded by promising to bring a branch of oyo state park managers to the market so as ease the flow of goods and services in the market area.


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