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KEHINDE AYOOLA:A Star Cut Down in Full Flight– Seun Akinrinde


A popular On-Air-Personality, Hezekiah Oluwaseun Akinrinde, has described the late Kehinde Ayoola as a clearheaded and bighearted man until his demise. Akinrinde in a series of messages posted on his social media pages and obtained by GOALPOACHER NEWS, paid a glowing tribute to the former Speaker and Commissioner for Environment and Natural Resources.
The post reads:

“I struggled with the ideal title for this tribute for two days. I was going to use this, KEHINDE AYOOLA: A STAR CUT DOWN IN FULL LIGHT.”
‘But upon a careful reflection,I found this title would be a poor and sad commentary of a life that was beautifully and meaningfully lived,even if it ended suddenly. ”

“I drank from his cistern on various issues of life ranging from politics, Career, family, culture to the Christian Faith. He was an unusual repository of knowledge and master of practical wisdom.”

“Forget about the the usually sycophantic and stale encomiums that politicians and friends and well wishers pour on the departed in order to make a show for the cameras, Kehinde Ayoola was an exceptionally good man. Nigerian politicians are typically rogues and charlatans but Ayoola was different from the pack.”

“He was incorruptible. Testimonies abound of contractors and vendors who transacted with his ministry while he was alive. He never demanded or received a dime as compensation for approving jobs for anyone.”

“Ayoola was painfully honest, mysteriously open and unusually savvy politician. He was ahead of his peers in ideas world view and practical wisdom. I was never in doubt that he was sold out to living his life for the public.”

“Most importantly, Kehinde Ayoola was a child of God who lived above private or public reproach. He loved Jesus with all of his heart and lived for him. Hardly was there an issue raised with Ayoola that would not end with some portions of scripture, a hymn or kind prayers.”

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