I wish to have a one on one with the former Hon Minister Chief Adebayo Shittu for whom I have so much respect and regards more as a Big Egbon and as a Leader in some capacity like my humble self within the polity though a Senior one if I may admit but not as a beneficiary of any kind to be qualified as such because leadership and followership are reciprocal, each with its responsibilities and expectations.

For now many of us have publicly declared a Vacuum of Leadership in our Party APC Oyo State.

I will leave several issues of my proposed interactive session with him till then while I will like to highlight on two or three points for now.

Many of us like him have several personal and collective issues and disagreements with the person of Senator Abiola Ajimobi, probably unknown to Chief Shittu more than he does. Yet we are being very careful with our utterances and strategies of handling the matter especially to avoid total collapse of what we have all built together.

God in his infinite mercies has vindicated Chief Bayo Shittu beyond even his human imagination positioning him to become a Federal Minister by divine arrangements which left to many he would never have been considered as qualified.

At a point in life the validity of the sayings that “Ti a ba ti ndagba a y’ogun ja” and, “Ori si tun ja j’oogun” Afija F’Olorun fowo leran e segbe agbeja ara re”

People have started to begin to see the person of Chief Bayo Shittu as becoming “Over Emphatic” a typical Alaseju who has personal issues to grind with Senator Ajimobi and one who will not stop at anything on a vendetta mission.

Unknown to you Sir, you should have observed that several of us with deep understanding of the underpinning and critical political dilemma of Oyo State political landscape do not really see much of any difference in your leadership style and that of Senator Abiola Ajimobi. Honestly we think many of his accusers are even worse with very few exceptions if any at all.

In fact we have positioned many of you involved in the prevailing challenges as having failed us in leadership collectively with varying degrees of individual contributions and we are therefore not in any way sympathetic with majority of you Sir.
The man simply outsmarted all of you at different times and you kept mute lips when it mattered most, as it was convenient while the Mantra was becoming gradually hydra headed before eventually becoming “untammable”.

For us the upcoming emerging leadership and mark my words Sir, we have declared and decided to move on with our lives, holding our cherished destinies in our hands with a Divine mandate. With or without any of you, we will achieve our purpose and plans of God for our existence here on earth.

Governor Seyi Makinde’s emerging today as Oyo State Governor is a Big lesson and example of the supremacy of God’s plan above any human scheming and calculations. That he is performing well to or beyond expectations is a different matter for another time in assessment. Onikaluku ni yio gba report card very soon.

Aeroplane that has taken off into oblivion and Iti Ogede ti o to nkan ti a nyo Ada si” is the issue of leadership of Senator Abiola Ajimobi that is giving you and many people undeserving nightmares. “Many of you have started your political retirements, E kan fe gba lero honorably ni” and we are less bothered about that really.

I will just advise you to move on with life and let issues take care of itself following natural courses without be labouring yourself and giving yourself unnecessary stress.

On behalf of all of us I wish your generation a fantastic retirement. Enjoy whatever benefits the system has gracefully enable you to achieve quietly and with contentment.
Nemesis has a way of catching up with everyone and there is Karma. Above all God is ever in charge in the affairs of men.

Whenever I am privileged to meet with you soonest, I shall be glad be very objectively detailed.

Kunle Olatunji


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