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OYTMA Won’t Succumb to Politically Motivated Blackmail From Opposition–Akin Fagbemi


OYTMA Won’t Succumb to Politically Motivated Blackmail From Opposition–Akin Fagbemi



Obey Covid-19 Laws or Submit to Penalty- OYRTMA Respond to Politically Motivated Critiques


Our attention has been drawn to an ill-fated report going rounds on social media alleging outrageous sanctioning of individuals who flagrantly disregard and totally disobey the dusk-dawn curfew imposed by the Governor Seyi Makinde led Oyo State government.

While for the umpteenth time the Authority would like to state in unequivocal terms that amidst the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, every individual has a duty to obey the law and the right to expect that the law will be enforced. Never in a State can the laws be well administered when fear does not stand firm.

The attempt by some enemies of the good people of Oyo State who are hell bent on politicizing and ensuring the wide spread of the novel corona virus disease through the continuous influx of strangers into the State with the aid of their heavy-duty articulated vehicles under the pretense of hauling essential products in the core night is highly unpatriotic and absolutely condemned.

As an Authority with human-face at the center of its operations, we appreciate the magnanimity and foresight of the Executive Governor, His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde who sequel to expert advice derived from quantitative risk assessment opted for a dusk-dawn curfew as against the complete lockdowns experienced in the neibouring States of Lagos and Ogun where erring vehicles are permanently impounded or heavily sanctioned with fines not less than #400,000 to #500,000 or even risk permanent forfeiture to the government as the case may be all in an effort to enforce compliance to the covid-19 guidelines.

However, since Oyo is not a dumping site, it is expedient that the Joint Task Force (Police, OYRTMA, FRSC, NSCDC, DSS, et. all.) as constituted by the State Government initiate more stringent measures to curtail the free movement of vehicles through the road corridors across the State particularly those not conveying essential products but rather human passengers who investigations revealed had paid an average of #30,000 to the drivers for the illegal service rendered.

This act totally negates the core mandate of the Joint Task Force and by extension contravene the Oyo State Road Transport Management Authority Law 2009.

Perpetrators and their leaders shall therefore continue to be heavily sanctioned and no amount of cheap blackmail, assault, insult, or harassment of any kind would deter the Authority or any of its officers from performing their statutory responsibilities.

Additionally, it is known that when you fight corruption, injustice or criminal cartel, it always find its own way of fighting back, may we further intimate the general public that the Authority’s very recent successes in the Operation Keep Oke-Ogun Safe warrants the wailers to intensify actions of vilification as there chances of smuggling contraband goods diminishes as a result of OYRTMA officials adequately manning all major routes and borders known for such illegal movements.

OYRTMA in conjunction with sister security agencies shall equally intensify more actions to apprehend any unauthorized individual or group that goes about imposing themselves as OYRTMA/OYSG agents and extorting unsuspecting members of the public by illegally impounding vehicles and fining them outrageously.

It is well known to us that the antics of these critiques is aimed at discouraging the Authority to continue taking the leadership roles it currently takes in enforcing the government directives to curb covid-19 spread particularly via the transportation sector of the State.

Rather than been deterred, we shall continue to work till simple laws are rightly obeyed and all criminals Retired.

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