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The purposeful leadership of Governor Oluwaseyi Makinde combined with his strategic planning shrewdness has engendered good governance in Oyo state in the last sixteen months.

Good governance is the pathway to the development of Oyo State, it offers a good framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice,rural and urban development.

The moment Engineer Seyi Makinde was sworn in, it was no doubt a huge sense of relief for many of the people of the state who were genuinely desirous of a change in Oyo State.

Evidently,the governor is not oblivious of the reality on the ground as to how tough it would be for him to make the desired impact.

But, Governor Seyi Makinde, also given the sobriquet, He, was well prepared and was able to hit the as he touched many lives on May 29, 2019 with the abolishment of three thousand educational levy imposed by last administration of APC in Oyo State.

Sixteen months down the line, Governor Seyi Makinde has proved bookmakers wrong on his genuine intentions at lifting the state from the doldrums and reign of impunity unleashed on the state by the last last administration.

Governor Seyi Makinde Administration has a positive outlook in all sectors in Oyo State.

*Health Care Delivery*

Governor Seyi Makinde in his calculated desire to provide access to sound and reliable healthcare many many hospitals were renovated and equipped. Primary Health Centre such as Orita Aperin, Agbongbon, Ojoo, Ajibode, Oranyan, Awe, Eyin Grammar and many more.

Oyo State Health Insurance Scheme has also successfully enrolled over 200,000 residents,  including civil servants, the Organised Private Sector, informal sector in all the 33 local government areas of the state.

Administration of Governor Seyi Makinde has paid the sum of N100 million as state counterpart fund on the Basic Health Care Fund project. His government also paid N19 million counterpart fund for the Integrated Medical Outreach Program by the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) and the governor also set the ball rolling by ensuring the renovation and upgrading of the health centres which are 721 Primary Healthcare Centres across the 351 political wards.

Governor Seyi Makinde also ensured free health mission which was kicked off in Kisi, Oke-Ogun area of the state and all other zones of the state.

The state-owned hospital, Adeoyo and Ring road has been upgraded the facilities now has a functional radiography unit. Saki Hospital has also been upgraded to Saki Specialist Hospital with full medical equipments.


From the day of his inauguration, GSM cancelled the N3,000 being paid by students in all public secondary schools in the state.

His administration had completed 239 projects awarded by the previous administration in the education sector as well as 68 others awarded by his government.

TESCOM is also looking into recruitment and management of Human Resource of Post Primary Schools in Oyo State as the board have conducted test and thorough screening is on going, this will improve and sustain teaching and learning standard in public secondary school in conforming with global practices as the board will employ over 10,000 teaching and non teaching staff into the system.

OYO SUBEB, which is also under the headship of a great performer has been able to transform primary school education as Oyo pupils can now compete better with their colleagues in Nigeria.


Governor Seyi Makinde launched a digitized Certificate of Occupancy issuance platform, as part of its strategy for growing the Gross Domestic Product of the State. The processing and collection of Certificate of Occupancy take only Sixty (60) days under the Oyo State Home Owners Charter (OYHOC) scheme. Government will bear the cost of survey, planning permission and all other relevant documents for applicants who do not have them under the OYHOC scheme, this is a moral booster to the land owners in Oyo State.

Remodelling of Agbowo Shopping Complex is a value based programme for the state as this will boost the economy of the state.

Ajoda New Town Housing Development, 340-unit medium low-cost houses is an urban renewal programme as this is done in order to reduce the growing deficit in housing and boost the state’s real estate economy as well as making the capital of the state centre of attraction for admirers, tourists and visitors.

The construction of two ultra-modern bus terminals in Iwo Road, one in Challenge and another bus terminal in Ojoo, will put the state as a new choice investment destination when completed.

Oyo state people are happy with Governor Seyi Makinde administration because his government have been able to solve the problem of inefficient public transport system, disused public spaces, overstretched public infrastructure, poor culture of waste management and weak traffic regulation and enforcement regimes, among others through park management system and improved OYRTMA.

Light-up project is additional value to the state as this will enable residents and marketers to see clearly in the night as well as improved security.

Operation zero pothole will ensure effective use of the road. The nexus between the infrastructure revolution initiative and the investment drive of this government is enormous. The state governor always plan to make the state a natural choice for investors and with the plan to create another central business district (CBD) along the Moniya-Lagos-Ibadan Railway Station/Dry Port Site in addition to Dugbe Central Business District this will boost the economy of the state and citizens will feel the beneficial effect of it.

Awotan/Apete/Akufo road, Ajia/Amuloko road, Ogbomoso/Oyo road, Iseyin/Oyo road and many more will also improve the movement of vehicles on the road.

*Fire Services*
Infrastructure, provision and maintenance of mechanical and electrical installations throughout the state including safeguarding lives and property of the citizens through the provision of fire fighting services is very essential and this made the state governor to acquire more fire service trucks to guide against dangers and fire disasters.


Governor Seyi Makinde has shown commitment in creating policies and structures that will equip young people to compete globally and he has invest in programmes and projects which empower our youths in the state.

The inclusion of youth in his government is evidently proved as this ensure that the voice of youth is heard.

The remodelling of Lekan Salami Stadium Adamasingba will not only help the growth of the sports in Oyo State but also boost the economy of the state.


Governor Seyi Makinde has restated his commitment to the safety and security of the entire state. Residents of the state were happy to see that there is stability and the governor has institutionalized peace all around the state.

His administration procured and distribute 100 vehicles for effective and response security base.

Oyo State Security Network Agency (Amotekun) Bill 2019 was signed into law to complement the efforts;new mobile police force squadron, Mopol 72 at Ago-Are in Oke Ogun zone; vehicles facilitate state-of-the-art communication equipment to facilitate their response to crime; operationalised the Emergency Contact Number, 615.

Governor Seyi Makinde also relaunched the Oyo State City Watch Project and the Crime Alert Platform to help tackle insecurity in the nooks and crannies of the state and saved the State Government about N3.5 million for monthly internet access.

Agribusiness and food processing are important parts of modernizing the economy, of modernizing the agriculture and moving into a phase where a more modernized agriculture helps not only farmers but also helps consumers as well as the economy. Evidently, Governor Seyi Makinde has really shown good interest in Agriculture.

Agribusiness is one of the cardinal programmes of Governor Seyi Makinde, He signed the Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency (OYSADA) Bill into law and this law has make provision for the establishment, composition, and powers of the Oyo State Agribusiness Agency and every other matter connected therewith.

OYSADA office headquarters moved to Saki, two projects quickly came out to ensure proper delivery of the activities of the agency; the first was the Farm Estate at Eruwa and the second was the farm estate at Akufo.

Basically, Oyo State is blessed with good land for farming and the state governor have been doing a wonderful work on the inclusion of everyone for agricultural development in Oyo State.

The governor placed a premium on the promotion of agribusiness as this will assist investors to invest in order to expand the state economy.

Progressively, the optimisation of agro-food value chain business within Oyo state through an agricultural ecosystem that strengthens productivity, value chain growth and the processing and packaging of agro-based production is being observed as Oke-Ogun which is the the food basket of the state is producing better farm produce and the governor also ensure the smooth passage of vehicle by constructing road around Ogbomoso/Oyo/Iseyin.


Recently, while Governor Seyi Makinde was having meeting with the caretaker chairmen, he reiterated that he made certain promises during his electioneering in 2019; and he charged the chairmen if in the locality of each local government of the state and some of those promises have not been fulfilled, he asked the chairmen to list them out for effective delivery of such project as a committee selected and shaddle with such responsibility will look into that.

The governor also directs local councils to set up security committees so as to enhance the security of life and properties in their communities.

OYSIEC has also been inaugurated and this will advance democracy at the grass root for rapid socio-economic development of every nook and cranny of Oyo State by conducting, organize and supervise elections to Local Government Councils in the State in accordance with the provisions of the law, any other enactment, regulations rules or manuals as issued by the electoral Commission.


The state workforce which Governor Seyi Makinde has described as the engine room has also not been left in the dark. Interestingly, when politicians were making political statements about the issue of payment of N30,000 minimum wage, Governor Seyi Makinde came out clear and Oyo State workers are part of the few states that have commenced the payment of 30,000 naira as minimum wage.

To the surprise of many, the vows to pay workers salary latest by the 25th  of every month has not failed since Seyi Makinde took over the reigns of affairs.

Governor Seyi Makinde has never failed to show his respect and passion for the old, aged and retirees. On the day of his inauguration, GSM’s first pronouncement was his promise to donate his 4years salaries as governor to the retired teachers, a decision which did not only put smiles on the faces of the retirees, but also made about 5,000 retirees embark on a ‘Thank you’ solidarity rally to the Agodi Government Secretariat.

In lieu of this, outstanding civil servants were also honoured in which civil and public servants who have distinguished themselves, at the Oyo State Productivity Day tagged Most Efficient Civil/Public Servants Award received their awards and the award was handed over to recipients by the state governor. The last time such happened in Oyo State was in 1999.


Oyo State civil servants recognised the effort of the governor and he was given an award of good governance.

Governor Seyi Makinde was also recognised with the 2019 Zik Award for Professional Leadership.

The Zik Leadership awards is organised by the Public Policy Research and Analysis Centre (PPRAC) and was instituted 25 years ago, in 1995, in honour of the first President of Nigeria, the late Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe. Some other notable leaders have been recipients of the prize such as; President J.J. Rawlings, President Nwalimu Julius Nyerere, Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim, President Sam Nujoma, Dr. Nelson Mandela, President Yonweri Muzeveni, President John Agyekum Kuffor, Senator David Mark, Alhaji Yayale Ahmed, Otunba Subomi Balogun, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Alhaji Ahmed Joda and Mr Godwin Emefiele.

Governor Seyi Makinde administrative network is spreading and taking deeper root in Oyo State, good people of Oyo State are enjoying the dividends of democracy. The road map for accelerated development is being observed in Oyo State.

Bashorun Saintabey writes from Ibadan.

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