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Re:Oyo Employment- Seyi Makinde Worst In Sectional Interest Than Predecessors

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Re:Oyo Employment- Seyi Makinde Worst In Sectional Interest Than Predecessors



Human Resources is very key to the development of any state or business, health sector is one of the four cardinal point of this administration and Governor Seyi Makinde has done enough to improve the service delivery within this sector.

In the newly shortlisted list of candidates into Oyo State Hospital Management Board for the post of Medical Laboratory Technicians(MLT) Medical Laboratories Scientists.(MLS) which the interview will come up between September 2nd and 24th, 2020. It is of vital importance to set the record straight and put the truth across to the public.

The activities of the governor Seyi Makinde has been a trailblazing effect in Oyo State. The people of Oyo State have been feeling the positive effect of the state government.

In Oyo State we have 57 state government hospitals that cut across 33 local governments in the state, General Hospital Fiditi,
General Hospital Ilora,General Hospital Moniya,
Samuel Adegbite Cottage Hospital,General Hospital Tede,General Hospital Ago-Are, General Hospital Kasumu Ajia, Adeoyo Maternity Teaching Hospital, Secretariat Medical Clinic, Government House Clinic,
Health is Wealth, House of Assembly clinic, St. Peters Maternity Hospital,B.C.O.S clinic, Jericho Nursing Home, Dental Centre Dugbe, School of Nursing Clinic,School of Hygiene Clinic, Ring Road State Hospital,Oni Memorial Children Hospital,Maxillo Facia Unit, Maternal & Child Health, Cholera Unit Hospital, Government Chest Hospital,Jericho Specialist Hospital,Ortho-Rehab Center, General Hospital Igboora,General Hospital Eruwa, General Hospital Ayete,General Hospital Lanlate,
General Hospital Kishi,Kishi,General Hospital Iseyin,General Hospital Ado-Awaye, General Hospital Okaka,General Hospital Iwere-Ile,
General Hospital Iganna, General Hospital Okeho, General Hospital Kutayi,General Hospital Lagun,Dental Centre Ogbomoso,State Hospital Ogbomoso, General Hospital Igbeti,
General Hospital Orile-Odo, General Hospital Igboho,General Hospital Ikoyi-Ile, State Hospital Oyo,Dental Centre Oyo, General Hospital Sepeteri,General Hospital Ago-Amodu, State Hospital Saki,General Hospital Iresa-Adu.

The goal of real healthcare reform must be high-quality, universal coverage in a cost-effective way and that is why the state governor is doing everything within it’s capability to ensure better delivery. The newly appointed Chairman of Oyo State Hospital Management Board, Dr. Gbola Adetunji has been able to touch more than a dozen of state hospital and see the needs and challenges of the hospital. The release of the result of the last CBT for proper selection is to take care of the needs and challenges of the hospital. There is no where or anytime Governor Seyi Makinde play a card of sectional or sentiment in selection or appointment of any worker in Oyo State. The people of Oyo State have not forgotten the concept of appointment in the last administration where party leaders sit somewhere and allocate slot for their party men and families. Governor Seyi Makinde has been able to appoint, employ workers without thinking of any political affiliation or hand of any politician. He has been able to reinstate the sacked workers by the last administration as well as reinstatement of those that were wrongly dismissed.

Peoples’ governor as Governor Seyi Makinde is being referred to has a template for his administration which the other states and Federal Government have been able to applaud and also use his concept as a template for good governance.

Multitudinous people always has features that is parochial, narrow-minded, and innumerate in nature.

Their parochial way of thinking is regarded as a way of action of those who are low in reasoning. The framework and sound governance in Oyo State is not in any way of sectional appointment as the state governor believe in merit based assessment for effective delivery. This selection exercise is not based on section or region but merit as merit towers are measured by their effectiveness and men of merit always position for greatness.

The list of the selected candidate shows that they were selected based on their input in the CBT and this is by merit and the geographical coverage was also consider by merit.

Intention of the government is to cover the needed area where human power are lacking in state hospital.

Judging by the number of the hospital in Oyo State coupled with the priority placed on health sectors by this administration. All the 57 state hospital is receiving golden torch of this administration as the Adeoyo Hospital, Yemetu and Adeoyo Hospital at Ring road have been placed on the need to be transformed to UCH standard.

Governor has first-hand information about the state of the hospital and he has found the means of transforming it to high standard health facility.

For the governor to have a willing heart and to accomplish his vision for the state hospitals, good and quality human resources is very important and this recruitment exercise has to be based on merit not on sentiment. Governor has the vision to turn the hospital and other health centres across the state to world class health centres that would be conducive for patients with a view to receiving quality treatment and this has to be from the hands of capable workers within the health sector.

The good people of Oyo State have seen the sunshine to brighten their day in Oyo State,impossible is a word for those who don’t have dreams, Governor Seyi Makinde has dream for Oyo state.

_”There is a certain noble pride, through which merit shines brighter than through modesty._”

Governor Seyi Makinde will make it possible because his determination for the state is strong. The people of Oyo State wish him more than success in his administration so as to position the state into cynosure in Nigeria.

Ishola Taoreed writes from Ibadan


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