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Revolution Now Arrest : Yoruba Youths Decry Human Right Abuse of Buhari Administration

The stern measure taken against Revolution Now protesters by DSS in some parts of the country today reaffirming how Nigerian government metaphosis democratic system.

Militrilization of the system is vivid as there is no iota of respect for human rights during this President Buhari-led administration.

As citizens, the protesters have right to peaceful protest and assembly. What they did was lawfully done but the security agents infringed on their right by arresting them unlawfully.

Integrity and fairness of any administration could be measured base on the extent to which the rule of law is being respected in that particular country.

What we have in Nigeria today is lawlessness. No room for human rights and the rule law.

Olalekan Hammed

National President

Yoruba Youth Socio-cultural Association (YYSA) Worldwide.

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