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Sasa Market In Ibadan Turned To Motor Park By Notherners, Market Committee Intervenes

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Sasa Market In Ibadan Turned To Motor Park By Notherners, Market Committee Intervenes



The committee charged with the responsibility to oversee the affairs of the Sasa Market for developmental purpose is on alert as travellers use back of the market as their new motor park.

Meanwhile, part of the promise made by the chairman of the market Comrade Wale Kareem, is to ensure total compliance with the state government directives in other to curb the spread of the pandemic corona virus also known as Covid-19,  as restrictions have been placed on interstate travel  except for essential goods, different strategies have been deployed.

During the week , it was discovered that the back of the market where livestocks are been sold has been turned into private motor park for travellers from the Northern part of the country while a toyota bus conveying goods and seventeen passengers including the driver were stopped from offloading both the goods and the passengers on board.

The event which involved the Nigerian police force and the honorable chairman of the Local Government, Hon. Adekunle Kazeem was later resolved  The bus that came  from Sokoto State was turned back to Asejire the boundary between Oyo  and Osun states.

The chairman of the Local Government Area addressed the people at the gathering who are mostly Hausa said that the measure put in place is not for  ethnicity interplay or hatred but for the healthy living of everyone and also advised those who are living in Sasa to avoid travelling at this crucial time.

The division police officer directed the officers to ensure the people are taking outside the vicinity of the state. The DPO also advised the people operating the park to put an end to it adding  that the place is not a designated park of any kind else anyone caught in the act of operating such illegal park will have to face the consequences.

In his own submission, Comrade Janjala Gaddafi who is also the appointed vice chairman of the committee, advised everyone to make sure they comply with the government directive as well as the traffic officers in charge of enforcing rules of the road.

Sent by Ajadi Sulaiman Oladimeji

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