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Video: The Moment Senator Teslim Folarin relief materials defied social distancing


  1. Isiaq Adewale S May 2, 2020

    Senator Teslim folarin is doing what Oyo State government supposed to be doing.

  2. Micsharon May 2, 2020

    To best of understanding, this is not a fault to the senator in anyway, as a leader who have in mind the people who voted him to represent them.
    2. The state government by time had done nothing to relief the masses, however, the government have a better secured procedure to control the social distance, market will not be open and this will be averted as the people will be at their home and the team will give it house to house.
    Social distance as the senator continue to preach is what the government should enforced and not senators responsible.
    The guys sent to do this did base on where to meet the masses which is the place they may them,
    Tell governor to enforce lock down relief will be taken to house to house, thanks


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