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Again, Ayefele Blazed The Trail As FRESH FM Unveils World Class Studio


In the ever evolving technology of radio broadcasting, studio make-up is a big deal. The make-ups come after all the necessary technical elements of soundproofing and other underlining details have been taken care of to produce clean outward audio with utmost fidelity.

With the radio medium now taking up the toga of mini TV studios, it has become imperative that creative thinking must be embedded in the overall execution of radio studios projects, almost synonymous with the audiovisual settings of TV production studios.

Ingeniously, this is what Fresh FM Nigeria, the most admired radio communication brand in the Southwest, has done, yet again.

Beginning with its three main studios at its Corporate Head Office inside the iconic Ayefele Music House, Challenge, Ibadan, the Fresh FM brand has blazed the trail once again in presenting state of the art live radio studios with unique selling points never seen before anywhere in Nigeria.

This inventive development has effectively changed the general and specific outlooks of Fresh 105.9, Blast 98.3 and Tiwa-n-tiwa 106.5, all in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

While radio studio soundproofing options have evolved from the old perforated boards to hard/soft foam materials, to the soft woods, to the wall rugs and the drapes.

Enthusiastically launched on Sunday March 3, 2024, the new look Fresh FM Nigeria studios now combine soft leather soundproofing with classy aesthetics and fanciful lights to embellish the ambience. These unique elements have come to enhance sound quality, create a captivating studio environment, provide lighting for photographic effects, enhance comfort for studio guests, and deliver enduring work stations for presenters and studio managers.

The studios are further equipped with a central library and BSI linking the three stations for utmost coordination.

All the credits go to the ingenuity of the founder and the visioner of the most admired radio brand, Fresh FM Nigeria, Dr. Yinka Ayefele, MON. As customary of all his contributions to Nigeria’s creative industry, Dr. Ayefele has again employed his divinely – endowed wisdom to re-conceptualize and re-design Fresh FM Nigeria live studios with creative originality, topmost class and refreshing candour.

Dr. Ayefele has been simply scientific, having recognized the science of adapting workstations, tools, equipment and job techniques to be compatible with human anatomy. In one fell swoop, the five aspects of ergonomics: safety, comfort, ease of use, productivity/performance, and aesthetics have been creatively combined to agree with the science of “fit the job to the person” rather than the “person to the job”. These aspects are not only physical, they are also cognitive and organizational.

This development has created something magical, such that a first timer in the new – look studios is dazed with the captivatingly inspiring ambience of a theatre, a scenic atmosphere of awe, as well as a brief storytelling of the iconic Ibadan city.

Like the saying that a beautiful harmony can be found in the subtle silence of the night, the redesigned studios bring a perfect condition for radio presentation in a milieu that inspires creative thinking, positive energy and impactful delivery of contents.

Aesthetics, they say, goes beyond just what you can see with your eyes. It’s the beauty of the world you experience with all the senses. This helps to appreciate all the beauty Fresh FM Nigeria has to offer to the world. Unlike the typical, mundane, boring studio arrangement of a normal live radio studio, Fresh FM’s new set-up is now tailored towards a less official setting, offering a semblance of freedom and peaceful mood.

While Studio Engineers/Managers cherish studios that provide the right atmosphere of inspiration and positive energy, creativity and simplicity of operation, the joy of a presenter is to have a live studio that makes presentations smooth, organized and provides quality sound.

This is what Fresh FM has made possible in the area of Total Quality Management in sound production and the outlook of its studios. Of course, live studio guests are in for a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere that adds class and flamboyant confidence of style to their overall experience.

Justifying the stations’ stylish and solid confidence is the intentional showcasing of inviting colours; effect lightings with day/night impressions, angle – inclined; high definition video cameras; adaptive work stations; lounge – like settings for guests; solidly stylish swivel chairs for presenters and centralised library components that solidly connect all the live studios.

The magical experience at the Corporate Head Office of Fresh FM Nigeria is just the starting point, as the five other branches of Fresh FM: 107.9 Abeokuta, 106.9 Ado Ekiti, 104.9 Osogbo, 105.3 Lagos and 102.9 Akure, are all in for the same creatively positive turnaround.

Welcome to the world of Fresh FM Nigeria, a radio communication outfit that belongs to a different class in unique attributes and properties, separated from the rest by kind, type, quality and professional confidence.

Samson Akindele is the Group Head of Corporate Affairs, Fresh FM Nigeria and Yinka Ayefele Limited


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