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EXCLUSIVE:How One Million Boys Gang Leader, Abiola Ebila Met His Waterloo– Operation Burst DG


EXCLUSIVE:How One Million Boys Gang Leader, Abiola Ebila Met His Waterloo– Operation Burst DG


Director General
Colonel Oladipo Ajibola (rtd)

Details of how the dreaded gang leader of the notorious “One Million Boys” was killed on Sunday security operative in Ibadan has been revealed to GOALPOACHER NEWS by the Director-General of Operation Burst, Colonel Oladipo Ajibola (rtd).

“We got a reliable, credible information so in the course of moving to the Kudeti area, where the distress call came from, the informant further informed us that there was a kidnap victim in an abandoned building by Aboderin family compound in the area that three of Abiola Ebila’s boys kidnapped a victim.”

“So we moved in, One million boys on sighting us,  started with sporadic fire and in the course of exchanging fire, many of them sustained injuries and we gunned down Abiola Ebila, then moved into the abandoned building where we found the victim, The victim was Olufemi Awogboro and we rescued him and brought him out.”

“This was done in line with the mandate of His Excellency, Engineer Seyi Makinde that we must rid Oyo state of crimes and criminalities, and security of lives and properties is important.”

“And we are aware of the fact that One Million Boys and other groups have constituted themselves as nuisance. During the operation, other members fled, collected the corpse and took him away but there were traces of blood but the operation was successful.”

“The security of lives in Oyo state is guaranteed. Oyo state will continue to be a very safe place for all citizens. The people should continue to go about their lawful businesses. Oyo state will continue to enjoy peaceful atmosphere and we will continue to be vanguard in security, safety of lives and properties in Oyo state.”

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