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EXCLUSIVE:Makinde, Fayose in Ding-Dong Battle Over PDP Structure,Leadership in Southwest

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EXCLUSIVE:Makinde, Fayose in Ding-Dong Battle Over PDP Structure,Leadership in Southwest


It started like the usual party politics characterised by intrigues, mudslinging and cacophony of voices. Then it would dovetail into series of caucus meetings to resolve contending issues and then finally the gladiators would say “as one family, we have resolved to work to deliver the party.”

What could have caused the leadership crisis between Governor Seyi Makinde and staunch ally, Ayodele Fayose the former Governor of Ekiti State.

On Monday some chairmen of Peoples Democratic Party from Lagos, Ogun, Ekiti, Osun and Adeleke’s representatives, Hon Ladi Adebutu, alongside former zonal vice-chairman, Dr Eddy Olafeso and one other member had met with Fayose and the national chairman of the party, Prince Uche Scondus in Abuja to pledge their unalloyed support for Fayose and perhaps to support the reelection of Secondus for second term.

Though that was not disclosed but sources close to the party’s headquarters in Abuja disclosed to GOALPOACHER NEWS that those loyal to Fayose may team up with Governor Wike to support Secondus ambition for another term.

However, in a swift reaction, the Southwest PDP National Assembly caucus published a communique declaring Governor Seyi Makinde as the leader of the party in the zone.


In every rumour, there abounds to be an iota of truth. Ahead of the PDP national convention which is yet to be announced, a source close to the party leadership in the zone told GOALPOACHER NEWS correspondent that Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State had allegedly perfected plans to throw up a former Governor of Osun State and National Secretary of the party, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola to vie for the exalted position of the national chairman while Governor Nyesome Wike is likely to support the reelection of Uche Secondus.

The source went further that Wike has been the major financier of the party before the arrival of Atiku Abubakar and the emergence of Seyi Makinde as the Governor of Oyo State.

“No doubt Fayose supported Makinde in his bid to become the Governor of Oyo State, he was at the flag-off of Makinde’s campaign in Ogbomosho. But people see Makinde as the new beautiful bride in Nigeria politics. He is calm, intelligent and has the financial muscle to battle any forces against him and the party in the zone. Fayose should allow him to be the leader of the party in the zone.”

In another development, Elders, Stakeholders and BOT members in the Southwest have lent their voices to the feud between Makinde and Fayose in a statement jointly signed by them. It reads:

What does Fayose really want?

“Mr Ayodele Fayose, the former Governor of Ekiti state is indeed a politician of the rough and tumble stripe. He will blow hot today. He will play the role of the victim tomorrow.

There is indeed certain mercurial instinct about him. He seems restless, full of intrigues and drama, virtually without subtlety, woven in a rough hewn, unpredictable license.”

“Fayose apparently enjoys and thrives in cultivating conspiratorial agenda against others. He is animated by storm, by furies , by abuse and largely indecorous largeness.

When Fayose was Governor of Ekiti state, he played the role of an overlord, barking out orders, intolerant of opposition, indifferent to the contributions of the Ekiti Elders. Why is he now challenging an incumbent Governor who is kind hearted and liberal enough to accommodate all views. Is it envy ? Is it malice ? Only Fayose knows his own mission.”

“Ordinarily , we would have ignored Fayose and his juvenile antics. But no more. He has now pushed his luck beyond the bounds of acceptable civility.

Our grapple with him presently is about his cowardly, untidy , venomous and even insidious action in the Southwest. He is doing everything he can to disrupt the calm and the peace in our zone.”

“His main target in this regard is Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state. Governor Makinde is indeed a gentleman. He is a humble, civilized, well raised, thoroughbred Ọmọluabi of the first order. Though he is now the leader of the Southwest by the virtue of his position and office, he appreciates and accommodates the contributions of the young and the old. He embraces everyone in order to bring an enduring harmony to our zone.”

“But the humility, the natural restraint and the gentlemanly thoroughness of Governor Makinde is being mistaken and deliberately distorted by Fayose for weakness.

Yi yọ Ẹkun, ki ṣe ti ojo o.”

Fayose has forgotten that he is now a yesterday’s man. He no longer sits in the governor’s office. He holds no official position. If he had been smart and wise, he would have chosen the path of honor and moderation by joining hands with Governor Makinde and various Elders and Stakeholders in the Southwest to contribute to the new vision of progress and harmony in our zone.”

“But that is not Fayose. He is busy provoking confusion, sowing the seeds of discord, planning conspiracies, rousing tension, stirring rebellion to destabilize the Southwest.

Fayose’s politics is acrimonious, full of malice, rough-hewn, distant from civilized conduct, selfish, insincere, wrapped in flaming the embers of division and hate.”

“Of course he will fail. And he has already failed. He is a man of straw, clamoring for relevance, standing on a thin ice, unaware that he is the one susceptible to a fall.

Fayose presently disrespects all the Elders and the Stakeholders in the Southwest. He antagonizes everyone. He abuses leaders with the disdain of a street urchin. He once abused former President Obasanjo openly at the Okuku home of former Governor Oyinlola in the presence of many dignitaries that included former President Ibrahim Babangida.”

“Let truth be told : Fayose is playing a very dangerous game of a muddled provocateur whose agenda is only best known to him. But surely this is not a PDP’s agenda.

We are using this open forum to urge the managers of our party in Abuja to look keenly with all seriousness and scrutinize the various untoward activities of Fayose with the view to take appropriate action against him for his continuous, reckless and very destructive anti-party activities.”

“Fayose’s shenanigans do not portray a man who wants the best for our party. He appears bent on some unholy, unknown, dubious and deleterious mission. Is this what our party wants at this particular time when all hands should be on deck to rebuild and mend the broken places ? Definitely not.

PDP in the Southwest, in all the zones and at the national level should be busy looking inwards, examining our last failings and challenges, rectifying the wrongs and healing the wounds. Fayose’s mode of destabilizing, crude, conspiratorial politics is surely not in tune with the future of our great party. He should be cautioned to withdraw from the dangerous precipice.”

“Finally, on our part , we will continue to support Governor Makinde as he genuinely moves ahead to bring peace to our zone, embracing everyone, encouraging plural contributions, reaching out to all the Stakeholders so as to strengthen our party and put us on the path of victory again. This is quite laudable and worthy of admiration. We stand with Governor Seyi Makinde because it is the right and proper thing to do. On this, we have no apologies because the Governor is progressive and forward looking.”


The media aide to former Governor Ayodele Fayose has said his boss is not contending the Southwest leadership of the party with Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State. Lere Olayinka who spoke with GOALPOACHER NEWS correspondent via telephone said, “since the creation of PDP in 1998, the party has never been run by one man. While Fayose was a Governor, did he lord himself over anybody as the leader of the party in the zone? “Did he decide who would be the chairman of the party or ward leaders in other states?  If he didn’t do that then, why should a sitting Governor be deciding how party positions will be shared in Ekiti? That will never stand. PDP has never been run by  one man. Each state in the zone should be allowed to decide or run its affairs without any external forces or interference.”


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