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We will recall that under a bigger Umbrella of various ethnic youth Groups in Nigeria, Coalition for A Better Nigeria, we issued our last Press Release titled “Beware of #EndSARS protest metamorphosing to #EndSecurityNow Revolution” having observed some pocket of violence associated with the prolonged #EndSARS protest across our hitherto peaceful Nation.

Majority of Nigerians and the Employers of Labour survive on daily income and they were all glad that God averted the proposed NLC strike, over the simultaneous increase in the price of petroleum products and electricity tarrif; as well as the proposed Yoruba Secessionist Rally of October 1, any of which would had drawn us backwards as a Nation because we all saw or read various declarations of solidarity from some interest Groups but with the ulterior motive to wreck havoc on the peaceful atmosphere in the Country under the pretext of either the NLC strike or October 1 Odu’a Republic Rally or possibly the two together.

Since advent of this nascent democracy, no reasonable individual is overtly or covertly left out of the campaign against police brutality and extra judicial killings

The latest Campaign took a new dimension simply because all these interest Groups nursing hidden agenda to protest grabbed it as “a long sought for opportunity” to show their stuffs to Nigeria. It’s indeed “an handshake beyond the elbow”.

We commend Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, alias “work in progress” for urgently taking the 5 – point demand of the EndSARS Protesters to Aso Rock Villa, Abuja, and handling it over to President Muhammadu Buhari directly in the full glare of the Press.

After this development, we later noticed that the list of the demands of EndSARS Protesters, without any identifiable leadership across the Country, kept on increasing both on their Placards and on social media space and these Protesters continued their daily agitation across the Country based on these endless requests.

Then it was clear that there was more to the protest and perhaps, the main reason why Mr President said in his speech that these Protesters took the Government prompt response to their 5 point demand for cowardice.

What baffled us most was the way various youth groups kept on springing up with endless demands to be met by the Government and it got to a point that one would have noticed that there was more to it really, especially when our sitting Governors, Chief Security Officers in their respective States, became targets of attacks from the hoodlums under the pretext of #EndSARS protest.

This started with massive looting, carnage, maiming and yet, many of us sat inside in our comfortable houses urging fire-on, on these People barricading the major Nigerian Roads with burning of tyres.

We, under the Coalition for A Better Nigeria, immediately came out to warn Nigerians of looming and greater cirises that could snowball into anarchy with the turn of events.

Our Political, Religious and Community Leaders also advised various Groups of Protesters to vacate the Nigerian Roads but they didn’t comply.

It was then crystal clear to all of us the real intention of several Groups hiding under the prolonged Protest across the Country. They asked the President to resign, sack Service Chiefs, sack the Cabinet members, bring in youths of under 50 into Federal Executive Council, endSARS, endSWART, reduce the salaries of Senators and Federal House Representatives’ Salaries (without considering whether this is within the responsibilities of Mr President), reduce the prices of food stuffs, increase minimum wage to N100, 000 (regardless of the fact that this was recently sorted out between the Government and the Nigerian Labour Congress), dissolve EFCC, dissolve ICPC, restructure Nigeria, end bad Governance, end Nigeria and so on. Let’s think of only “Resign and Reconstitute FEC” – A Confusionist Agenda.

The end results are now clear to the Whole World with the #EndSARS hoodlums on rampage who are now ending our Individual, Corporate and Government ecomonomies across the Country, after Mr President had brought SARS to an end.

We mourn all the departed Souls of both SARS extra judicial killings and EndSARS protest, sympathise with their bereaved families, friends and associates; and we console all the living Victims across Nigeria, most especially the good people of Lagos State, from whom they fired their shots.

It was baptism of fire for their major targets, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State and in deed the economic mainstay of Nigeria in particular and Afican Continent at large, Lagos State.

The Nation had now been badly hit and we wouldn’t forget the identifiable faces in these epic outings against the peace loving Nigerians; and their individual roles.

Mr Nnamdi Kanu had denied the dreadful audio recording posted on social media, in which he boasted to continue burning major Yoruba heritages in Lagos State to avenge Lekki shootings on behalf of the affected families and kill People as he likes which had gone viral on social media and in a swift response coupled with his own attention seeking agenda, Mr Adeyinka Grandson (Pseudo name) of Young Yoruba for Freedom (YYF), posted a dangerous video on social media giving all Igbo 48 hours to leave Lagos State, but Barrister Dotun Hassan of Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide (YCYW), issued a statement on Saturday to calm down both Yoruba and Igbo living in Lagos after his claimed virtual meeting with the Ohaneze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide President General but most interesting aspect of it all, is that both Adeyinka Grandson and Barrister Dotun Hassan are in support of Prof Banji Akintoye’s advocacy for Odu’a Republic, which the Leader of Independent People of Biafra, Nnamid Kanu, also endorsed publicly from exile in UK.

The most painful aspect of Nnamdi Kanu’s careless speech is the way he berated the innocent man, the Political Strategist, Rave of the moment, A Trailblazer, long standing Human Rights’ Activist, Talents’ Hunter and International Philantrophist, an Achiever of uncommon dimension, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in a way targeted at destroying his entire family and causing ethnic war between Yoruba and Igbo not only in Lagos State, but in the World at large.

We therefore urge all Yoruba Groups or Individuals to please shelve their Swords against all Igbo and Hausa living and working in Yoruba land and be patient till we have the outcome of the ongoing investigation into the Lekki shootings.

It will take us a very long time to come out of this economic set back.

While waiting for the outcome of the Panel of Enquiry, we also advise that all Perpetrators of this evil be brought to book to serve as deterrent to millions of others across the Globe

May God Almighty reward everyone according to his/her consent or involvement in the #EndSARS protest.


We congratulate one of Leaders in Yorubaland, the former Chief Press Secretary to the 3 former Governors of Oyo State including Chief Bola Ige; One of Olu Omo of Ibadanland; the Ekefa Olubadan of Ibadanland and the First Cultural Ambassador of National Museum and monument, Ile – Ife, Osun State, Oloye Lekan Alabi @70.

Happy Birthday Sir! Igba Odun, Odun kan.

Comrade AWA Bamiji
Aare Apapo (President – General) Agbarjo Egbe Odo Yoruba (Grand Council of Yoruba Youths), founded in 2001 in Ibadan with the blessings of leadership of Afenifere and Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE)

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