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HIJRAH 1442: Fatokun Felicitates Muslim Ummah

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HIJRAH 1442: Fatokun Felicitates Muslim Ummah


The lawmaker representing Akinyele constituency 1, Ayotunde Fatokun has congratulated Muslim faithful on the occasion of this year’s Hijirah.

The Chairman Parliamentary Council noted that the occasion was a vivid reminder of what Hijrah represented in the lives of Muslims, saying Prophet Muhammad (SAW) emigrated from Makkah to Madinah in 622 A. D. after the people of Makkah stressed his patience beyond its limit.

“As we celebrate the Hijrah this year, we should not let its real lesson, that of patience with steadfastness be lost on us.

“We say congratulations and happy New Year and we pray the Almighty Allah to grant the Ummah the opportunity of this celebration many years ahead and preserve Nigeria for us as a single, united, peaceful and progressive nation.

“We must remind ourselves that the role of the Muslim Ummah in the celebration of Hijrah year is to emulate the patience and endurance of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

“The Prophet’s endurance and steadfastness eventually paid off in Madinah where he established an Islamic State which was based on truth and justice, which many nations of the world now emulate.

“I, use this medium to call on the Ummah to have spirit of forgiveness, promote peace and love; eschew rancour and bitterness; and be just and sincere.” Fatokun concluded.

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