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Man Allegedly Beats Ogun Neighbour to Death With Charm

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Man Allegedly Beats Ogun Neighbour to Death With Charm


A man , identified simply as Kadiri , has allegedly beaten his neighbour , Mukaila Mustapha , to death with a charm .
Kadiri , who is popularly known as Sanction , reportedly hit Mustapha with a charm during a fight in the Oke- Ijeun area of Abeokuta, Ogun State .
It was gathered that the incident happened last Thursday and the victim was buried the following day according to Islamic rites .
It was reported that Kadiri hit Mustapha with a charm after his wife reported a misunderstanding between her and the deceased to him .
It was learnt that the 57 – year- old Mustapha , who was a commercial motorcyclist , vomited blood after he was beaten by Kadiri .
The daughter of the deceased , Bukola, said that her father was hit with a charm by the suspect and he eventually died .
Bukola explained that her father ’ s misunderstanding with the suspect ’ s wife , Biola , led to the involvement of Kadiri , who struck Mustapha with a charm .
She said , “ One of my sisters called me on Thursday that my dad was dead and that I should start going to Oke-Ijeun , where my father lived . When I got there, I met him sitting on his bike holding the motorcycle ’ s key .
“ He was drenched in a pool of his blood . I called him several times to know what was wrong , but he did not respond .
“ I asked the people around to assist in carrying him into his room . There was blood everywhere and his motorcycle was soaked in blood . I was the one , who removed everything on him . There was no movement that day , but I started calling my family members .
“ People in the house told me that he was killed . They told me that my father had a misunderstanding with Kadiri ’ s wife , who was washing clothes outside the building . I was told that my father asked her to clear the way so that he could take his motorcycle inside , but the woman ignored him and started abusing him .
“ According to what they told me, the woman later called her husband and when he came , he started beating my father ; he punched him in the nose , mouth and stomach and my father started bleeding .
“ My father was said to have managed to take his motorcycle inside and passed away while seated on the motorcycle . ”
Bukola insisted that Kadiri could not have had the upper hand if he had not hit Mustapha with a charm .
When contacted , the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi , confirmed the incident .
Oyeyemi explained that the suspect was on the run and that the police had already launched a manhunt to ensure his arrest .
He said the suspect ’ s wife had been apprehended , adding that Biola was helping the police to ensure that her husband was arrested .
The PPRO added that the police did not have any evidence that the fight led to the death of the deceased .
He explained that there was no autopsy to prove that the deceased was actually beaten to death as claimed by the family .

Oyeyemi stated , “It is true, but we have not arrested the suspect . His wife is in our custody and she is assisting the command in locating her husband .
“ What we heard was that they fought and it was after the fight that the man died in his room . We cannot categorically say that it was the fight that led to his death or that it was natural .
“ We have not seen the suspect and we are still looking out for him .
“ The deceased has been buried and that is where the problem is , because the family said the man was a Muslim and they could not hold on without burying him .
“ In this type of situation, if you are alleging that somebody beats your person and the person died , there must be an autopsy to ascertain whether what you are saying is true or not . The autopsy will also help to ascertain whether that is the cause of the death .
“ But , as soon as the incident happened , the family said they wanted to go and bury him . We can ’ t stop them from burying their relative if they insist on burying the person .
“ Nevertheless, we are still going to carry out our own investigation . ”

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