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Oyo APC Faults Makinde’s Achievements in One Year

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Oyo APC Faults Makinde’s Achievements in One Year





Some two weeks before May 29th 2020, Oyo APC had been under immense pressure to assess the Government of Engr SEYI MAKINDE.

However, in the spirit of FAIRPLAY, we exercise restraint to withstand the attendance pressures that goes with it.

At Oyo APC we choose to give the Government some benefit of doubt, knowing that GOVERNANCE is not a TEA PARTY.

Now after the Government has come out with its 365 DAYS SCORECARD, yes, we at Oyo APC can now assess Engr SEYI MAKINDE’s GOVERNMENT Performance based on its EXAMINATION SCRIPT SUBMITTED against the EXAMINER’S Prepared Answers.

The Government submitted its achievements on 7 KEY Agenda vide

Oyo APC is glad because the Governor, Engr SEYI MAKINDE said that “There is time for ACTING and there is time for ACCOUNTING”

Borrowing from the word of Governor SEYI MAKINDE “we have kept our promise to finish what previous administration LEFT UNDONE instead of selfishly starting new ones”
Engr SEYI MAKINDE thereafter STYLISTLY claimed 307 Projects in EDUCATIONAL SECTOR from the Previous Government his party PDP claimed left Oyo State in “SORRY STATE”

COVID-19 is a good leveraging point for the Government of Engr SEYI MAKINDE to claim some achievements , however, when other serious Government across Nigeria and infact across the globe were creating Makeshift ISOLATION CENTRES, the “frugal” Government of Engr SEYI MAKINDE resorted to the ABIOLA AJIMOBI MATERNITY AND PAEDIATRIC CENTRE, OLODO and renamed it OLODO INFECTIOUS DISEASE RESEARCH AND TREATMENT CENTRE without acknowledgement to the VISION AND ACTION of the previous Government.

The pettiness of the Government of Engr SEYI MAKINDE is legendary in its deliberate failure to acknowledge the Donations of Four fully equipped AMBULANCES by the APC led Federal Government of President Muhammadu Buhari in its Scorecard.

The whole residents of Oyo State believed that the Number one achievement of the immediate past Government of Sen Abiola Ajimobi is SECURITY.
The people of Oyo State have come to believe that what the Government of Engr SEYI MAKINDE need to do is to CONSOLIDATE on the achievements of the last Government.

However, the people were terribly shocked when INSECURITY with high and low profile KILLINGS and ASSASSINATIONS resurfaced.

The Bloodshed unbelievably started from Liberty Stadium on May 29th 2019 with injuries to score of RIVAL CULT Groups that worked for the emergence of Engr SEYI MAKINDE as Governor.

Since then Bloodshed and Killings have become weekly affairs in Oyo State until recently when the leader of one of the CULT Groups, MOSHOOD EKUGBEMI was assassinated in broad day light operation.

Therefore, when on Wednesday 27th May 2020, the Governor, Engr SEYI MAKINDE inaugurated MOBILE POLICE SQUADRON STATION(MOP ’72) in AGO ARE, Atisbo LG Areas of Oyo State, with the Governor SEYI MAKINDE thanking the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, little did innocent citizens of Oyo State knew that it is another JAGBA – PROJECT HIJACKING SYNDROME, synonymous with CLUELESS Government of Engr SEYI MAKINDE.

Imagine the visitation efforts of IKU BABA YEYE, His Imperial Majesty, Oba(Dr) Adeyemi, Alaafin Oyo to His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari on the 2nd of February 2019 with letter, requesting for the location of SQUADRON MOBILE POLICE in Oyo.

With the response from ASO VILLA in Ref No… Apo.13/vol/69/04 dated 2nd December 2019, copied to Police service commission to act on the request after gotten approval advise from the office of the Inspector General of Police on the 10th October 2019 via letter with Reference Number
IGP./stc/ALJ/vol 13/37.

The Police service commission conveyed approval to His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyemi, Alaafin of Oyo on the 2nd February 2020 acting on the Internal memo of 13th January 2020 from AIG, in charge of Mobile Police to the INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE.

Meanwhile,in line with the SERVICE PROTOCOL, Police wireless message from the office of AIG, MOPOL, Federal Headquarters Abuja was sent to Oyo Police Commissioner, directing him to as a matter of urgency liase with the squadron commander and the Executive Governor of Oyo State to assess the promised take off site and the promised 30 acres of Land by Oyo Town, the location earmarked for the establishment of the new squadron.

That perhaps happen to be the GAZUMPED point where the project was hijacked until 27th May 2020 when H.E,Engr SEYI MAKINDE inaugurated the project in Ago Are, Atisbo LG Areas.

The MORAL BURDEN now lies with the Government of Engr SEYI MAKINDE to provide the whole of Oyo State with letters of request and its documentation for the MOP ’72 which the C. P. S, to the Governor, Taiwo Adisa claimed Gov SEYI Makinde processed otherwise the Governor being a Gentleman has APOLOGIZED on several occasions of accepting when he was proved wrong.

This case of MOP ‘ 72 can always be appropriately RELOCATED to its rightful place, in the interest of peace, harmonious living and development.

Thursday 28th May 2020, H.E, Engr SEYI MAKINDE at the commissioning of the REPAIRS and EXPANSION of the ELEYELE DAM, a World Bank financed Project, initiated by the Government of H.E Sen Abiola Ajimobi.

The ELEYELE Dam was constructed some 77 years before the intervention of the Government of Sen Abiola Ajimobi, purposely to prevent regular incidents of perennial FLOODING in Ibadanland.

At the commissioning site on Thursday 28th May 2020, H.E,Engr SEYI MAKINDE eulogies the vision of His Excellency, Sen Abiola Ajimobi for initiating the ELEYELE Dam Reconstruction work, attesting to the project as a BOLD MOVE on the path of stopping perennial Flood Disaster in IBADAN.

Permit us at this point to remind Oyo State residents that this Anti Flood Disaster World Bank Loan infact is the major component of LOAN Burden inherited by the Engr SEYI MAKINDE GOVERNMENT which they were shouting about in the first three months of their administration.

That Government of Engr SEYI MAKINDE has kept up to date in one year with Salary and Pension obligations is very commendable, although it is on record that The Government of Sen Abiola Ajimobi did not only pay Salaries and Pensions as at when due from 2011-2014, until RECESSION sets in April 2014.

The impact of the RECESSION were not felt in Oyo State until January 2015 when most States in Nigeria had been experiencing the impact of the recession since May and June 2014,due to the Excellent Financial management of the States resources by Sen Abiola Ajimobi led Government.

As a matter of fact, The Government of H.E, Sen Abiola Ajimobi also paid 13th month Salary, thrice, 2011,2012 & 2013.

We urge the Government to keep the Salary obligation up.

Apart from the #7.6bn LOAN accessed by the Government of Engr SEYI MAKINDE from Central Bank of Nigeria which it claimed he intends to spend on Akufo and Eruwa Farm settlements and admission of its failure to bring IKERE GORGE DAM to use for Fishing as promised in his electioneering campaign and perhaps the Provision of acclaimed 10,000 Seedling for Farmers as well as CASSAVA STEMS in Iseyin on the 27th of May 2020, not much was claimed to have been achieved in Agriculture in the first year of Engr SEYI MAKINDE’s GOVERNMENT.

However, we have to remind the Governor of his intention to drive Oyo State economy through Agriculture especially Exportation of Maize to Botswana and other of its Electioneering Campaigns promises from Agriculture.


It sounds unbelievable after one year that H. E, Engr SEYI MAKINDE is defending taking of LOANS thus “upon realization that for more capital projects to be realised, the state would need to spend more and as such it has to take LOANS”.

Going by Engr SEYI MAKINDE electioneering campaign, everyone in Oyo State has been eagerly awaiting the MIDAS FORMULA to be used by your Government, because you claimed that between six to twelve months of being sworn in as Governor of Oyo State , Oyo State would not have to rely on the Federal Government Allocation again.

Infact, the way you started the Government, everyone was beginning to see taking of LOANS for Governance as a CRIMINAL act, however, one year down, your Government according to your SCORECARD has tapped #10bn for Moniya-Iseyin Road,
#7.6bn for Agricultural Farm Settlements at Akufo & Eruwa and #22.5bn for Loaded infrastructural facilities.

Totalling #39.5bn.

You will agree with us that you never promised the electorates that you were going to be taking LOANS at the drop of a pin.

If in one year, your Government is taking this much of LOANS, you will agree with us that it is very very SCARY.

On behalf of all APC members in Oyo State, please accept our congratulations for successful crossing over to the 2nd year in the service of our dear Pacesetter state.


AbdulAzeez Olatunde
Publicity Secretary
1st June 2020

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