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Oyo State Will be Enlisted on United Nations SDGs World Map Soon- Oyo SDG Boss

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Oyo State Will be Enlisted on United Nations SDGs World Map Soon- Oyo SDG Boss


The Senior Special Assistant to Oyo State Governor on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Hon Kunle Yusuff MON has said the recent SDGs Mark ups On the countries achieving SDGs 17 Global Goals showed that Oyo State would soon be on UN- SDGs World Map.

The Governor’s aide opined that the 2030 agenda approved by the United Nations at the end of 2015, contemplates the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. While these seventeen goals with their 169 targets seek to improve the living conditions and conservation of the environment especially in developing countries, they also include improvement expectative for developed countries.

“In order to reach the year 2030 with fulfillment guarantees of these purposes it is necessary to follow up the implementation of the SDGs. There are United Nations official initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, which monitors the activity of countries and regions in the work of implementing the SDGs and also records the information.”

“For its part, the Bertelsmann business group publishes an annual report with the collaboration of hundreds of public and private organizations that compiles a thorough analysis of the implementation level of the Sustainable Development Goals in at least 80% of the countries included in the 2030 Agenda with a population of over one million inhabitants.”

Speaking further Hon Yusuff said the global achievement of the goals is determined by the SDG Index and Dashboard, a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 is the worst level of implementation and 100 means full compliance with the targets.

“In this ranking, Sweden (84.5), Denmark (83.9), Norway (82.3) and Finland (81) top the leading positions, mainly due to their good performance in social and economic issues, although the data show that they must still work on the transition to a low carbon economy.”

“By contrast, African countries like the Central African Republic (26.1), Liberia (30.5), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (31.3) or Niger (31.4) are in the queue.”

“The share lacks in  all aspects, especially Poverty, Hunger, Education, Peace and Justice.”

“For its part, Spain ranks 30th with 72.2; Chile is 42nd with 67.2; Mexico is 56th with 63.4; Peru is 81st with 58.4 and Colombia is 91st (57.2).

In addition, countries like the United States is in the 25th place with 72.7; Canada is 13th with 76.8; Australia is 20th with 74.5 and the United Kingodm is 10th with 78.1.”

“When analyzing the performance of each country, the report emphasizes the goals in which states stand out positively or negatively. Taking as an example some countries from each continent, we show some of the goals that they fulfill well, regular or still do not fulfill:”

“Spain: Fulfill  Gender Equality, Regular  in Sustainable Cities, Communities, Peace and Justice with Strong institutions. Needs to Improve on Zero Hunger and Quality education.

United Kingdom;
UK:  Fulfill  No Poverty and Partnership for goals. Regular in Good Health and well-being, Decent work and Economic Growth. Needs to Improve in Zero Hunger, Affordable and Clean Energy.

Mexico: Doesn’t fulfill any Goals. Regular in Gender Equality and Climate action. Needs to Improve in No poverty and Zero Hunger.

USA: Fulfill  Clean Water and Sanitation, Industry, innovation and Infrastructure. Regular in Good Health and Well-being and Quality. Needs to Improve in Climate Action, Peace, justice and Strong Institutions.

Australia: Fufill Good Health and Well-being, Sustainable Cities and Communities. Regular in Industry, Innovations, Infrastructure and Responsible Production and Consumption. Needs to Improve  in Affordable and Clean Energy and Life below Water.

China: Fulfill  Quality Education, Decent work and Economic Growth. Regular in No Poverty and Gender Equality. Needs to Improve im Climate Action and Life on land.

India: Doesn’t Fulfill  any Goals. REGULAR in Reduced Inequalities and Partnership for Goals. Needs to Improve  in Zero Hunger, Peace, justice and strong Institutions.

South- Africa: Fulfill in Gender Equality. Regular in Sustainable Cities and Communities. Needs to Improve  in Clean water and sanitation and Affordable and Clean Energy.”

“As Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Oyo State on SDGs, I can say it authoritatively that the present administration is performing excellently on Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 11, 13, 14, 16 and 17.”

It takes the Leadership of repute to centralize his agenda around Sustainable Development Goals. It’s not an hyperbole or an exaggeration to say that Governor Seyi Makinde has been setting the pace on both political and administrations in Nigeria. His administration’s Programmes show that he has the masses at heart and once you are able to prioritize development as your agenda, you are directly or indirectly achieving the Targets of SDGs.”

Furthermore, Governor Seyi Makinde is among few State Governors that are working accordingly with SDGs Technical Desk Officers in line Ministries/Agencies and also with Local Government SDGs Officers.” Yusuff concluded

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