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STATS:Scholes Admits Lampard,Gerrard Were Better Than Him


Ex-Manchester United man Paul Scholes has conceded that both Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard and Chelsea hero Frank Lampard were better players than he was.

Scholes says he is bored of comparisons between the trio being made by football fans across the country.

The debate has raged since the three played alongside one another for England.

When asked who was the best, Scholes modestly told the BBC podcast ‘Savage Social’, via the Daily Mirror: “Stevie G and Frank, of course.

“I’m sick to death of hearing about this to be honest.

“It doesn’t really matter. People can have their own opinions.

“Them two were amazing, amazing players, but very different players.”

Gerrard won 10 more international caps than Lampard, who is turn won 38 more than Scholes.

Scholes added: “Frank played the position well.

“He was in a team where he was allowed to do what he wanted.

“He had the license to go with [Claude] Makelele there [and was] probably the best goal-scoring midfielder that there will ever be.

“Steven could do absolutely everything on a football pitch.

“He was quick, he was strong, he was physical, he could score goals and he could make goals.”

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