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The Efficacy of OYTMA Operations and Policies Under Seyi Makinde–Akin Fagbemi

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The Efficacy of OYTMA Operations and Policies Under Seyi Makinde–Akin Fagbemi



First, While we appreciate you for your observatory comments, it is expedient we note that politicizing issues as critical as the activities of the Oyo State Road Transport Management Authority is disheartening and uncivil. Must we cry more than the bereaved? Even in the elementary schools, it is taught that as crucial as criticism is in a participatory democracy, firstly appreciating the good things a person or an organization does helps more to drive home your criticism by silently removing every modicum of mischievous intensions as fully exhibited by your comments which shows sensationalism and riddled with extreme political sentiments.

Secondly, one might erroneously believe that your hard love for the Motorcyclists (Okada Riders) made you demand a downward review of the #15,000 deterrent fine slammed on them after willfully jettisoning the Road Safety Laws of the State without recourse to your underlining mischievous intentions, whereas you could have best expressed such love by admonishing the concerned riders to strictly adhere to the laid down rules and regulations governing operations of commercial motorcycles in the State so as to safeguard their lives, properties and government facilities.

Isn’t it known that there is no sin only where there exist no laws?

While the Oyo State Okada riders, in their thousands, themselves are appreciative of the magnanimity of the Executive Governor of Oyo State, His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde for not abolishing the unfettered operations of commercial motorcycles in the State as done in nearly all other major cities and States across the country, you are busy advocating for the adamant microscopic few who out of greed and disregard to the rule of law, endangers the precious lives of innocent individuals and members of the public. It is rather amazing.

Additionally, one would expect you recognize the tremendous job been done by the inherited 250-men-capacity OYRTMA to effectively manage the existing over 60,000 Okada riders as well as regulating the massive influx of more motorcycles into the State due to their ban in our neighboring States and even to the point that some of them had since become nuisance to the good people of Oyo State. Would partisan politics let you?

The efficacy of OYRTMA operations and policies under Governor Seyi Makinde had resulted to a drastic reduction in the accident index involving commercial motorcycles recorded in the last quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020 by over 65% with the government providing the Authority with a brand new Ambulance that empowered the Rapid Response Rescue Operations of the Authority that has so far helped to safe the lives of over 1,606 victims of Okada related accidents in just six months.

Also, it is important you’re reminded that across the country, there is no State that permits the uncontrolled movements of commercial motorcycles around it’s Secretariat except Oyo State. However, due to the current security challenges in the country and the great danger of sharing same route with the high-moving retinue of vehicles in the convoy of the State Governor, it was considered that commercial motorcycles be excused from plying the Government House road specifically for their safety while other alternative routes were created for them.

In implementing this, the management of OYRTMA, under the Executive Chairman, Mogaji (Dr.) Akin Fagbemi had met with the leadership of the commercial motorcycle associations and produced months of radio and television jingles including hand bills, billboards and banners for sensitization of the Motorcyclists yet some adamant few still willfully ply the route. Wrong if their motorcycles are impounded for their own safety?

Furthermore, it should be noted that Section 17, Subsection 3 of the Oyo State Road Traffic Management Authority Law 2009 states that “After 24hours of seizure of a Motorcycle or Vehicle and the driver or owner fails or neglect to claim it, he shall be liable to pay custody fee of two thousand Naira only (#2,000) per day on motorcycles, cars and buses while the vehicle remains in the custody of the Authority. Provided that the driver or owner of the vehicle fails to reclaim it within the period of four weeks, such impounded vehicle shall not be vested in the State which reserves the right on court order to dispose of such vehicle as it deems fit. The Authority nor it staff shall be responsible for the loss of the accessories of any vehicles that was not claimed within four weeks”.

It was in view of the above statutory clause that the Authority, through the magnanimity and sensitivity of the management to the current economic realities collects the flate-rate sum of five hundred Naira Only (#500) one-off to cover for the demurrage instead of having to pay 2000 multiply by the number of days the vehicle spends after the statutory grace of 24hours. The demurrage involves cost of producing the stickers that contains well spelt out date, time and reason for the impoundment of any vehicle or motorcycle.

Lastly, it interest me to inform you that the law also permits OYRTMA to have within its workforce, well trained OYRTMA Mayors approved by the Executive Governor, His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde. The Mayor’s activities are synonymous to that of the Special Marshals of the Federal Road Safety Corps. They are a group of voluntary individuals drawn from all works of life including University Professors who continually offers technical advices, Celebrities and other well meaning and highly spirited persons with State interest at heart.

It is however noteworthy that we say unequivocally that we are truly aware of some unscrupulous beings impersonating our legally authorized mayors to perpetrate some heinous crimes. Our surveillance team are on the lookout day and night to fetch them from their hiding place just as six were arrested yesterday for carrying out unauthorized and illegal operation.

Conclusively, while we reiterate our deep appreciation, kindly note that you could reach the Office of the Executive Chairman, Mogaji (Dr.) Akin Fagbemi on any of the channels below:

Facebook: Oyo State Road Transport Management Authority- OYRTMA

Twitter: @oyrtma1

Instagram: official_oyrtma

E-mail: oyostateoyrtma@gmail.com

Hotline: 0811 439 0097

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