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The Number 12TH Player in Oyo State and the Master Planner

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The Number 12TH Player in Oyo State and the Master Planner



In the last few months, Oyo State has come back to the rightful path of pace setting, a position we were known for since the creation of this entity called Nigeria. Decisions, actions and policies from Oyo State are always born out of uncommon ingenuity.

About 8 years that preceded the coming of Engr. Seyi Makinde, there was a seemingly ignoble interregnum in the status of Oyo State as a Pace Setter, Ajimobi administration became a total aberration of the natural order in the State, the administration became infamous and notorious for unguarded utterances and heinous policies that are inimical to our common existence, he literally referred to aged pensioners that have served the state meritoriously for years as “dead people”, that was the height of an insult to our collective sensibilities.

The coming of Engr. Seyi Makinde was considered as a sigh of relief and a bastion of hope for an ordinary citizen of Oyo State. After the ignoble interregnum created by Ajimobi regime, Oyo again has a leader who considers himself as a servant, a leader who doesn’t see himself as Alpha and Omega, rather, he sees himself as human that is prone to mistake and corrections, at this point, the hope of a common man is renewed.

An exceptional idiosyncrasy that has made Governor Seyi Makinde to be the beloved of the people of Oyo State is his rare ability to plan before acting. Unlike his predecessor, Seyi Makinde is not garrulous neither loquacious, he his a man of modest speech that is more concerned about relevant data and adequate figures.

This rare ability to plan before acting has been exhibited severally, the making of Iwo Road Interchange that would give succour to not only the people of Oyo State, but also to an average Nigeria itinerant and even the expatriates is a show of prudent planning from a MASTER PLANNER.

Again, with all the disturbing realities of Covid 19 pandemic, Governor Seyi Makinde maintained his stance that Nigeria operates an informal economic system that wouldn’t allow for total lockdown, he opted for partial lockdown with preventive measures in place, few weeks later, a template he sets became a national policy, here is a man that knows the meaning of planning, a man that follows reality not emotion.

Few days ago, Governor Seyi Makinde commenced the distribution of Palliative Food Packages across the State in a way that is yet unprecedented, he secured the food materials from the locals to enrich the locals and also feed the locals, this is twofold benefits to the people of Oyo State, the people have the foods and they also have the money, it is an act that encourages production and consumption of homegrown agricultural products. Here is a man that plans before acting.

As Governor Seyi Makinde continues to set the pace in governance, the 12th player became more visible. APC people are the number 12th Players on the Football Pitch, they dribble, strike, keep, pass and defend with ordinary mouth, but talking is all they can do because it is cheap, the 12th player cannot even have access to the main pitch not to talk of kicking the ball, he remains a spectator till the end of the match. They should continue to talk the talk while Governor Seyi Makinde continues to set the pace, Oyo has become a role model for not only other States, but even the Federal Government.

Ogunwoye Samson Gbemiga
Iresa-Pupa, Ogbomoso, Oyo State.

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