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Germany to allow international students work nine months before study

… Releases New Skilled Worker Rules

Germany is set to allow international students to work for nine months before study. Nigeria Tribune reports.

It has changed its rules for people who want to work and study there.

These changes make it easier for students from other countries to work part-time while preparing to study in Germany.

Here are some of the important changes:

Work Before Studies: People from countries outside of Europe can now apply for a visa to study in Germany and come to the country up to nine months before their classes start. During this time, they can take language courses, get their documents ready, and get used to life in Germany. They can also work part-time for up to 20 hours per week to support themselves.
Apprenticeships: People interested in doing apprenticeships in Germany can also come to the country nine months before starting and work part-time while looking for opportunities. They need to show that they know a bit of German and are under 35 years old.

4. More Work Hours for Students: International students in Germany can now work more hours to help with their expenses. They can work up to 140 full days a year, or about 20 hours per week.

Extended Time After Graduation: After finishing their studies in Germany, graduates can stay in the country for 18 more months to find a job.

They can even apply for permanent residence if they work for two years. This gives them more time to settle and build their careers.

These changes are meant to make it easier for people from other countries to study and work in Germany, helping them build a future in the country.

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