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By Kunle Olatunji


The event of the burial of Mallam Abba Kyari was a national disgrace a disservice and dishonour to a simple man who certainly would not have approved of what he would have described as such “a national tragedy and disgrace” if he were to be alive or if anyone could reach him in the land of the dead for comments.

This is beyond politics please. There is no point defending what is wrong and there is dignity and honour to admit and take responsibilities whenever you have erred.

On this one, the handlers of the burial on behalf of the Federal government led by APC goofed woefully.

Everything was wrong in the whole process from the point of return of Late Mallam Abba Kyari’s return from the Germany official trip when he bye passed immediate testing, self isolation until it was too late, holding several official meetings and exposure to several unidentified contacts almost unaccounted numbers now, God knows how many and the multiplier effects in the larger society.

The secrecy shrouding his treatments leaving several issues to speculations and unfounded rumours with some plausible positioning.

And more annoying is the handling of the burial all in totality was shameful and a national disgrace, unnecessary stress and turning the whole nationals now as endangered species.

We know how heavens almost fell in stern condemnation of Governor Seyi Makinde’s PDP organised rally in Oyo State and give it to the young man though still did not change anything on implications and dire consequences he took responsibilities and accepted his errors for which he himself almost paid the ultimate price even if his testing positive to the COVID- 19 was a ruse and orchestrated as widely rumoured was true.

Why are we behaving as uninformed, unintelligent people collectively.
Government has a sacred responsibility to protect the lives of the citizens and not to jeopardise or put it at further risk through recklessness and carelessness of the people in charge.
Indeed ours is a society where men of low intelligence if any, are directing the wise on how to live our lives.
We are already in deep “shit” a laughing stock globally simply because of the folly of a few bigots and overzealous careless people in adorned garments, buffoons who have put the whole nation at avoidable and unnecessary risk making a mince meat of all efforts, physical and mental stress we have all invested in managing the pandemic.

We have unwittingly made the gentle soul of Mallam Abba Kyari to become the Samson of our time with several being infected at death more than when alive.

The Presidency and government owes all of us and the global community unreserved apologies, explanations and as a matter of urgency must begin to bring to book of justice, isolation and expulsion all officials involved in the prevailing challenges however highly placed.

They must be sanctioned and disciplined without any exception.
While praying for the soul of Mallam Abba Kyari to rest in peace, it must begin to torment the body and spirit of all of those who gathered today to dishonour him and attempted to put into disrepute and monumental waste every good the late fellow lived for.
Let us PRAY.

Dipo Fawole

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