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INSECURITY:Nigerian Youths Congress Urges Makinde to be Proactive

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INSECURITY:Nigerian Youths Congress Urges Makinde to be Proactive




We objectively Stand here this day 23rd June 2020, to first of all spiritedly and unequivocally re-echoe our MISSION STATEMENT, within the unambiguous and enviable vision, of course as embedded in the Congress’s lofty, laudable and result oriented aims and objectives.

As a non partisan body, we all agreed and sworn
“To actualize the full rights of all Nigerian youths to enjoy social, political and economic development and to respect the rights of others, while actively participating in all decision making processes and equally complimenting government efforts in nation building”

On this platform, I want to quote one time human right activist, freedom fighter and a social crusader…

Martin Luther King Jr said and i qoute “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

It is on this premise that the Oyo state chapter of NYC finds it imperative to organise this media briefing under my leadership and within our juridictional mandate, to intimate the Government of Oyo State, under the leadership of our able youth Governor, His Excellency Engr. Seyi Makinde, on the security challenges confronting the State, which have claimed innocent souls, predominantly youths, recently.

I never wanted to speck a line on this issue, Strictly because the Nigerian Youth Congress are not in anyway an ignorant of the steps the present administration has taking to tackle the security palaver in the state by giving it some measures it entails to position and refill the security lacuna proper considering its sensitive nature but i regarded as the maximum, how posterity would have proclaimed our silence or docility. At least, the service to humanity is the best work of life. Considering how poorly shaped the previous administration was, we questioned not the achievement as regards the primary responsibility of governance which is security of lives and property which the government of the day has undoubtedly giving it best. It was crystal clear that Ajimobi-led Administration scorecard on this was as well without blemish.

We knew how Former Governor Abiola Ajimobi managed the Security Challenges of the State when he came on board with the introduction of OPERATION BURST and how effective it was as at that time, though was not properly regulated and as such it were able to achieved little.

Now it’s far beyond a rumour that a year has come and gone out of the four years term of the present Government.

We Firstly congratulate our youth Governor for his dogmatic and doggedness, Of course, it might be too early to score him generally, but on security and judicious use of monthly Security Vote, we plea with our dearly governor to be more sensitive and proactive, judging from the rampant rape cases and gross increase in the record of vices and how our minors are being maltreated in the state.

It is a known fact that any responsible government that has sworn to the constitution of federal republic of Nigeria should not play games at a time like this when our people needed help the most, a time when lives are no longer secured in a state where they live.

The Government is not unaware of the recent happenings in the State and as such should not turn deaf ears to the cries and wailings of the innocent parents whose daughters were raped, stabbed and murdered.

How Will the family of our youths and future leaders… Ayo Olopon, Barakat Bello, Shomuyiwa Azeezat, Oshiagwu Grace and recently 5years old Mujeeb whose lives were cut short by unknown rapist and murderer in Akinyele Local Government in the space of four weeks feel?

Ironically, the killing of Oshiagwu Grace came after the Commissioner of Police in Oyo State relocated his office to the Local Government in question.

It is shameful and disquieting that Oyo State is now an abode for Rapist, abductors and serial killers.

As a non partisan youth Congress, we are privy to the recent calls on the Government, from oppositions, civil and dissenting groups.

WITH the raping and gruesome killings of Barakat Bello in Akinyele, Shomuyiwa Azeezat, Grace Oshiagwu, and now the killing of a five years old boy named Mujeeb all in Akinyele Local Government area in Oyo State, it becomes imperative and behoves on us as a moral burden and for posterity, to seriously challenge the Government to rise up and further strengthen her security roles.

At this juncture, an estimation needs to be figured to accentuate what we are wasting as a people. We Implore the government of the day been Led By Our Capacitated Youth Governor Of Oyo State, Engr OLUSEYI ABIODUN MAKINDE to continue justifying her monthly security votes in order to ensure adequate security of lives and properties. it’s far clearer that any Government that deserves kudos and accolades must be justified by the teeming youths in the state that I have sworn to represent.

Gentlemen of the press, I wish to humbly and strongly state that teeming youths of OYO STATE which the Government cannot do without, deserve adequate security, as a precondition for massive continuous participations in electioneering process by franchise and Constitutional rights, and of course in the scheme of things in all spheres.

Conversely, despite the bogus security votes, I am bold enough to made it known to all that the security architecture in Oyo State is stylishly collapsing for taken the life’s of the innocent Nigerian Youths, whose largest sector am embleming for granted.

THIS Youth generation is challenging the continuous silence of Oyo State Government and Nigeria as a whole on the worrisome security situations in Oyo state and beyond, to avoid something tantamount to TOTAL BETRAYAL and reneging on the promise of our dearly youth Governor in particular (ENGR OLUSEYI ABIODUN MAKINDE) to SAFEGUARD the LIVES of the COMMON MAN on the street.

The time is NOW for Mr Governor and his administration to rise up and take charge of the SECURITY CHALLENGES more than ever before in the State.

Therefore we demand that;

1 The administration should be open, transparent and generous on the disbursement of the security votes across the 33 local government Areas in Oyo State.

2 The criminals who perpetrated all the recent rape and murdering cases be arrested and prosecuted without much delay.

3 Oyo state government should makes death by hanging the punishment for both rapist and murderer. A law should be passed and gazetted in the above regard.

4 Oyo state government should please for posterity sake compensate the family of the recently raped cum murdered victims immediately.

5. The State Government Should Bring Together Our Community Cum Area Leaders And The Security Agency In Curtailing The Security Challenges Affecting Their Different Localities And The Need For Their Cooperation With Each Other.

We hope that this administration listens to all voices of reasonings.

OLAGBENRO Abdulfatai A ( LeGaCy)
Oyo State Chairman ( OSC)

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