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PDP Inaugurates Edo Election Campaign Council,Warns Buhari Against Use of Security Agents for Electoral Abuse

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PDP Inaugurates Edo Election Campaign Council,Warns Buhari Against Use of Security Agents for Electoral Abuse


“Buhari, is time to save our Country from political crisis”

I welcome you all in the name of God to this very important gathering marking the inauguration of our party’s campaign council for the September 19, 2020 gubernatorial elections in Edo state.

For us in PDP the Edo election has been made easy going by the records of achievements of our flag bearers, His Excellency Governor Godwin Obaseki and his running mate, His Excellency Philip Shuiabu. What we seek therefore, is a level playing field where the peoples’ votes will count.

We recall that it’s in Edo state that President Goodluck Jonathan in a ruling party when Comrade Adams Oshiohmole won election twice as opposition because of the transparency of the time.

Today as we go into this election in the same Edo, the situation in our country is different not just because of the global COVID-19 pandemic that has changed the World order but more due to the prevailing uncertainties in our land. Today, our citizens are in shock as the country continues to slide dangerously into one crisis or the other, as they live in:

1 Fears 2. Tensions 3. Conspiracies 4. Killings

1. Manipulation of all kinds 6. Election Rigging

7. Brutal use of security operatives during elections

8. Terrorist threats 9. Hunger and poverty in the land

10. Banditry 11. Kidnapping 12. Nepotism 13. Tribalism

14. Corruption in high places 15. Abuse of rule of law and disregard of

court orders

16. Arm twisting of the Judiciary among others.

With all these the country is under threat from all corners and its unity more endangered than ever before.

We therefore call on President Muhammadu Buhari to rise to the challenge of leadership confronting our dear country and defend its unity by conducting a free, fair and credible election in Edo state. Stop use of military and other security operatives in abuse of electoral rules.

By conducting free and fair election in Edo, the President will not only be stabilizing the country politically but would be averting an impending doom that could make the doomsday prediction about Nigeria’s disintegration come true, God forbid.

Your Excellences, this campaign council has been carefully selected knowing their capacity and capabilities, your task therefore is to achieve one thing, to ensure that the electoral desires of the people of Edo state are realized.

The heightened tension in Edo state at the moment is needless if the APC is willing and equipped to face the electorates, but where it’s obvious that they have nothing to offer to get the votes of Nigerians, they are resorting to all devious means to undermine the democratic process.

At this juncture, let me warn that APC might be standing on the excitement of its previous rigged elections in Osun, Ekiti, Kano and Kogi states in the past and think that their victory at the tribunal legitimizes their underhand act but they forget to put into consideration the anger of God and the people to evil doers who refuse to change.

I wish therefore to call on Nigerian people and all lovers of democracy in our country, particularly in Edo state to rise and defend their votes.

Your Excellencies, distinguished party leaders, I will not end this address without appreciating the leaders of PDP in Edo state, former and current leaders, elders particularly the former governorship aspirants for their sacrifice and understanding.

I like also to sarcastically commend the former Governor of Edo state and also former National Chairman of the ruling APC Comrade Oshiohmole for making the work of this committee easy having supplied the party with all the information needed to establish to the people of Edo state that APC candidate in this election is not a suitable material for the position and that our candidate is a square peg in a square hole.

I urge you therefore your Excellences to see your assignment as a challenge to save our democracy, to save our country and to save Edo state from the hand of anti democrats. I wish you result filled campaign and I therefore inaugurate the council. God bless and congratulations.

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