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Popular OAP Opeyemi Ayanrinde Reacts to Rivalry and Blackmail in Broadcast Media

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Popular OAP Opeyemi Ayanrinde Reacts to Rivalry and Blackmail in Broadcast Media



In this interview with GOALPOACHER NEWS,
Nigerian popular OAP cum Actor Opeyemi Ayanrinde known as “MC Swagger” among his teeming fans, spoke on rivalry, blackmail and other unethical issues in broadcast media

The Oyo state and Ibarapa born (Eruwa) popular radio and TV broadcaster cum Actor, Amb. Opeyemi Ayanrinde widely known as “MC Swagger”. While narrating his experience on how people behave and reacts when you are in the same field and business with them but God favoured you more than them.

Why is rivalry common among OAPs in the industry?

Firstly, it happens in every notable field and business not only broadcasting and entertainment industry. The main point there is when God is at your back and you are doing well and much more better than them, they will see you as a threat, then you become the greatest enemy. Beware of them, they are the people who will come to you to blackmail others in the same field to gain your attention. They will report the wrong side of others and then later denied their actions. But, I do tell them “Never tell me the wrong side of others, if you won’t be happy at the end telling and showing them the allegations you brought against them” in Yoruba it is called “OLOFOFO, OLOOTE” mind you they may even denied what they said against others and put you in the middle, if you don’t have the record to prove it.

Can you share any experience with us?

I remember a case where a colleague reported a fellow colleague who was a boss to me, I told her I would asked the Oga the following day, she said go ahead. The following day, I did as I said and showed the Oga the proof and record of our conversation on phone. Few days later, she was invited to ask her but she denied saying all against the man, not until I played our recorded conversation. Later, she admitted she was guilty of her actions. You won’t believed she later took me as her best enemy for not hiding her wrong allegations towards the Oga.

What’s your advice for the innocent ones in the broadcast media?

In short, beware of who you talk and walk with, there are wrong people around you. They will hate you if you refuse to join them in doing the wrong and bad things even when it comes to blackmail. They can trade you, if they have the chance to do all for little little sum of money not to talk of when you have them as your best friends or when it’s time for politics in your field and choosen career.

How can such people be identified?

I pray God continues to guide and protect us all from the wrong and fake people around us.

Broadcast industry is entails the following

1. Your contents to drive the audience.

2. Your experience and orientation

3. Your ability and potential to deliver

4. Your thoughts and relationship with other colleagues

5. The real you and who you intended to become in future.

6. Your popularity, fame, platform and image.

Your advice for those who see others as threats to them?

You don’t need to look down on others and keep blackmailing them to gain cheap popularity for speaking and revealing the truths to the whole world. Don’t see your colleagues as threats believe in yourself and do good to everyone, nobody knows tomorrow. You may later need them on your way up to be successful.

Thank you.

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