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Social Protection Policy Will Improve After COVID-19 –Oyo SDG Boss


Social Protection Policy Will Improve After COVID-19 –Oyo SDG Boss



The Senior Special Assistant to Oyo State Governor on Sustainable Development Goals, Hon. Kunle Yusuff MON, has declared that SDGs will encourage investments in critical public goods like minimum levels of social protection and the provision of services like Health Care, Clean Water and Education which help to build Resilience and Enhance the mechanisms people need to cope with the immediate and longer-term impact of shocks.

The SDGs Boss said, most recent estimates indicate that some 3 billion people are without basic handwashing facilities at home and 4 billion people lack any kind of social protection World wide.

The SDGs has been committed to leave no one behind, and this includes ensuring everyone is living a normal lifestyle, and measures to reduce their exposure to the Disease.

SDGs will become more important in months ahead. The goals and targets set in 2015 are precisely the areas where progress needs to be made to build resilience and guard against future crises and where we will need to work to build back after the immediate tragedy subsides.

Hon.Yusuff further stressed that the task of improving peoples’ well-being after this crisis will be greater than ever, but the SDGs will help guide the path forward to ease suffering of the people.

The SDGs is all interconnected, interventions can be taken in ways that achieve one goal while also leveraging positive synergies among other goals to have a wider reach.

Strengthening human well-being was identified as an entry point for maximizing progress in the Agenda, investing in education, science and technology can help build capacities for responding to pressing Challenges.

The Governor’s aide concluded that, there is a need for increasing access to social protection as economies change and people need to cope with disasters, including health related; and the need for increasing support for workers to transit different types of work when livelihoods are dependent on unsustainable sectors.
All of these are policies arena that will be at the fore front of decision makers’ attention as countries grapple with responses to Covid-19 and try to build stronger social and economic systems to reduce future Vulnerabilities.

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