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UPDATE: Court Fined Four Traffic Offenders, One Acquitted- OYRTMA

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UPDATE: Court Fined Four Traffic Offenders, One Acquitted- OYRTMA


3rd September, 2020

At exactly 10:58am the hearing began with only 4 Traffic offenders were charged for violating traffic rules

His Worship Magistrate, M.Mudashir, listened to views of offenders at Court sitting regarding alleged offences.

The senior state counsel, U.T Alimi interpreted the law to individual offender as charged was read out.

The concerned offenders were charged on only one (1) count each and all were proved guilty to the charge.

The four offenders were charged on MTOP 1(2), MTOP 2 and MTF 11respectively.

However, one Mr. Onigbinde, was discharged on humanitarian ground having being charged guilty. The reason being that he claimed to have taken his child who is indisposed to ” The Dive Hospital & Maternity Centre”for treatment though proved guilty.

Consequently, the other 3 Traffic offenders also smiled home with the judgment received having reviewed the fines.

The Magistrate ended the sitting at about 11:40am


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